New Essene Retreat Accommodation on its Way at this Centre!

Peace be unto all of our ever growing Community worldwide.

Due to increasing demand on the Centre, a new garden room is currently being constructed in the garden here at The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel in Glastonbury in the UK to accommodate more of our Essene Community attending the Centre. It can easily sleep two and three at a push, and will be completed by the end of this month if all goes to plan with the Glastonbury Essene volunteers currently erecting it. It is all fully insulated throughout and has double glazed patio doors and windows.

It was donated to the Centre by Buddhist monks in town that used to use it for prayer and meditation purposes free of all charge and as a result has a lovely feel to it. Thank you to everyone for your unconditional love and your lending a hand to reconstruct this building here. Bless you all.

Rev. Sister DominicDSC02239DSC02241DSC02242DSC02237DSC02247

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