Our New Prayer & Meditation Rose & Woodland Garden is under Construction

Work on the new prayer and contemplation rose and woodland garden to the rear of the Temple has now begun in earnest with the help of a big community effort by the Glastonbury and UK Nazarean Essene Order Members. The first section is designed in a traditional Native American Medicine Wheel/ Celtic Cross symbol, a symbol older than the Earth itself and found in every major World Religion. It represents the Divine Living Waters of GODS Love and Eternal Life ever present and flowing around all of Humankind Universally, and Unites and Protects all peoples unconditionally.

At Lord Yeshuas request last year, when the Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose was officially to be opened and dedicated privately by the Nazarene Order on the 21st June, 2014 Summer Solstice, everybody was asked to donate a fragrant Rose, the symbol of Divine Love. He said that He would gather all the Love from the Members Hearts, His Children of Light on that day attending the Service, that had so kindly donated them to His Glastonbury Temple with their beautiful fragrances, and plant them in the Sacred Earth here to protect His new third Glastonbury Temple of Light and Love to be built here in town and dedicated in His Holy Name over the past eight million years.

We hope to have this section of the garden completed within the next two months and thank you to Paz for the offer of some extra top soil to complete another section of this area soon. Thank you to everybody concerned and Peace be with You All!DSC02255

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