The Angel of Joy & Beauty Visited Us Today in Glastonbury!

Dear Essene Community. Peace be with you all.

I have been gifted by the Angel of Joy and Beauty two exquisite creations of GOD’S Beauty made manifest in our World that I wanted to share with you all. The first is a stunning rose pink tree peony that I bought about ten years ago in a supermarket with very delicate flowers 8 inches across each bloom that sits just outside the main door of The Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose here in Glastonbury in England. The other is an Amaryllis that I bought a few years ago that sits in the dining room at the Nazarene Centre here for all to admire while eating breakfast (on non-Shabbat days). I AM has always taught me throughout all of my many, many life times, that where we find Beauty, we find God.

“Angel of Joy, descend upon Earth, pouring forth Beauty and Delight
to all the Children of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father.”

Thank you dear Angel of Joy and Beauty for this beautiful Gift of God into our World and the eyes with which to see your wonderous creations of Divine Love and Life from our Heavenly Father-Mother.

Enjoy the Beauty of this day and every day in HIS Joy!DSC02251DSC02258

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