GOD Gave Us Permission to Plant our New Holy Thorn Tree at Camelot Priory


Rev. Sister Dominic starting the Sacred Holy Thorn Tree Planting Ceremony at Camelot Priory

Clearing the land considerably energetically since we acquired the Priory at Chilton Polden, brought forth permission from the GODHEAD to then plant another new sacred Holy Thorn Tree here in Avalon, a modern day descendant rooted from LORD YESHUA’S walking staff of 2,000 years ago.

I approached the only tree nurseries in the country with a licence to grow these special trees with a view to buying one,and was told by the owner” that it would be easier to pluck teeth from a chicken’s beak than to obtain one”! The demand is great and the product limited. I went to LORD YESHUA and told HIM the situation. HE knew exactly where one could be found and sure enough, there it was! It was purchased there and then! HE knows where every one of those “Walking Staff Descendants of HIS” is kept it seems!

This lovely Holy tree was ceremonially planted by Rev. Sister Dominic with a large group of the Order and a great time was had by all in the so doing!


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