LORD YESHUA’S Good Friday Channelled Address to the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. Community Members 2016

This day (the 25th. March, 2016) is always a very emotional one for for me as formerly Mary of Bethany, the migdallah of LORD YESHUA and one of the three Mary Magdalenes. At 8:40 am, following our daily pre-sun rise morning communions to the EARTHLY MOTHER, LORD YESHUA HaMASSIACH/ JESUS the MESSIAH came to speak to me to give a Teaching to our international Order now of Nazarean Essenes worldwide.

HE said, “I AM the LIVING GOD! MY LOVE, is with the ENTIRE ORDER. I love EACH HEART. PERFECTION of Soul, Mind and Matter is the game (of Life meant here), and PURE of PEACE the Heart. I wish this for ALL BEINGS. MY CONCEPT is CLEAR. HEAL THYSELF and MUCH will take PLACE. The LAW of GOD is UPON them and ALL are RESCUED when they OBEY the LAW. MY HEART is with EACH SOUL, and DETERMINED, to get them BACK to the FLOCK of GOD.I am HIM and HE is I. WE are ONE BEING, as the Gospel speaks. MY LOVE is WITH YOU. PEACE. Peace be unto each Heart-Soul-Mind Being of MY HEART. I share MY GRACE. It is YOURS to KEEP. YESHUA.

HE returned a few minutes later and added, ” MY HEART is with the ESSENES of the NAZARENE ~ MYSELF ~ MY ORDER ~ MY LIGHT ~ MY GOD and SOUL BEING. GRACE COMES, to ALL MEMBERS of this ONE SOURCE. Blessings be. The LORD JEHOVAH is GREAT. Bow down and WORSHIP HIM. ADORE HIM, and all will be WELL with your Life. The POWER of GOD is UPON this ~ this holy work of LOVE. DIVINE it is, and all EXCEL that TEACH.”

Happy Easter everybody from Rev. Sister Dominic and all the Nazarene Essene Community gathered here in Glastonbury. Peace be with you all!Light Filled Easter Lily_11937446_1147541461947133_1813405498177990417_n

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