Our Brothers and Sisters the Tree Standing People

The Tree Standing People are a conscious, talking, seeing, feeling People in their own right sharing this beautiful planet with us. Why should they be considered any less lowly than Humanity and respected any less as a very diverse raced People of many colours? They are great teachers when you spend the time making friends with them and earning their trust, “as a dangerous human, something to be feared by them” generally speaking. If people listened to the Wisdom of the Tree Standing People more, there would be no sickness upon the Earth!. Thank GOD the Nazarene Essene and the traditional Medicine Elders of the World have never lost these ancient timeless skills and still have the knowledge of how to teach these things to our future generations, before technology gadgets destroy their hearts and minds for ever! Get out in the Woods this weekend everybody and make a tree happy! Love them! Peace be with you.Tree Wisdom_10649491_10156478628940538_523982086236721456_n

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