The Beauty of a British Bluebell Wood in May

I went out today for a beautiful walk in Wombwell Woods near Barnsley in South Yorkshire with Star while visiting family. I think British Bluebell Woods are one of the seven wonders of the World personally and an annual pilgrimage I make into the EARTHLY MOTHERS exquisite World of Nature each May. I can’t think of a nicer way to feed the Soul on Shabbat.

May the deafening deep Peace of these magically spiritual places be with you all this day and fill your hearts with Joy.

Blessings. Rev. Sr. Dominic


Wombwell Woods, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 7th. May, 2016,


The Bluebell Wood
By Sue Dreamwalker

Once upon a time within a wood
Unfolding her wings a Fairy Girl stood
She flew and she sang with the hum of the bee
Sprinkling her dust to create a blue sea

Each flower she tended with Love and with Care
Sharing their Nectar she lived happily there
The blackbird he sang his delight in his Song
The wood their home it was where both belonged
Soon there were thousands, they stretched out for miles
Each one touched by the Fairy with smiles.

Now one day a woman alone and forlorn
Walked in the wood all weary and worn
She’d strayed from the path so deep was her thought
Blinded by tears of life’s worries she was caught
She rested her back by the trunk of a tree
Closing her eyes, that woman was me
She came to the wood to speak to a tree
The ‘Old One’ would listen, Silence being the key
His branches would creak, his bark would feel warm
The ‘Old One’ poured love, and the woman felt calm
The Fairy would sit up high in his branch
Watching the exchange and the woman’s downward glance.

She’d fly by her shoulder and tickle her hair
With each breath the woman discarded her cares
She stood up, breathed deep, hugging her tree
Her thoughts now clear, her mind filled with glee
She turned giving thanks and blinked in surprise
Gasping out loud as the sight met her eyes
Her smile now broad, her heart full of love
The Woman discovers the Bluebell Wood.

And so she returns at May time each year
Feeding the birds, she no longer sheds tears
The Fairies still fly and dance in the tree
And once in a while they visit with me.

The moral of this tale is to open your heart
Let Nature heal you, you are one from the start
Discover your breath and talk to the trees
Seek out the Silence; your mind holds the keys.

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