The Beauty of Spring and Caretaking the Earth our Sacred MOTHER

20160502_14253120160502_15065720160502_14584420160502_14414720160502_14423520160504_12060620160504_12062120160505_12504620160505_125202Two more lovely Spring South Yorkshire walks at Newmillers Dam and Pugneys Lake with views to Stable Castle ruins. It is great shame and reflection upon humanities great disregard for the sanctity of MOTHER EARTHS beautiful World of Nature co-habiting this Earth all around us, when newly paired Ducks start to make their nests for this years new brood from peoples discarded crisp packets as in this photograph!

Get out and see the wonders of the GREAT ARTISTS LOVING HAND exploding into Life in all its many rich colours, fragrances and forms whenever you can. This has always been my favorite time of year. Enjoy the hot Spring sunshine and Live well too.

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