Willow is Back from the Vets & doing Well

I collected Willow back from the vets today and have managed to source a cat cage locally (as the vets had run out) to keep her in for the next six weeks to immobilise her to allow the pelvic fractures to heal and is currently dosed up on strong pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Thank you to everyone for sending out all your healing prayers in her direction. She is a very lucky cat and has definitely lost one of her nine lives on this occasion! Luckily on this occasion there was no spinal damage despite her tail being badly dislocated from the car running over her.DSC00728

Urgent Prayers for Willow Please

Willow the Centres old grey and white cat was badly injured by a reckless hit and run driver late last night and has suffered a broken pelvis as well as other Injuries. If all our community members could send her some healing prayers we would both be very grateful. She Is In Shock and obviously a lot of pain. Many thanks. I will post a picture of her on Facebook tomorrow. Thank you everyone in anticipation of your loving help. Blessings. Sister Dominic.