Happy Michaelmas to Everybody from Avalon, the Isle of Glass

Happy Michaelmas everybody!

Today, the 29th. September, 2016 is the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel, known as the Lord Mikaal in the Spirit Realms that guards the Throne of GOD in Heaven for GOD, and also works with us very closely here at this Nazarean Essene Centre here in Avalon with the Holy Grail energies.

He is often to be seen by our Community Members with other Archangels protecting the door into the Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose here in mystical and sacred Avalon. Although there are thirteen great Archangels and Seraphim that make up the High Council of GOD in Heaven, traditionally on Earth for some reason unknown to me, only the former Archangel Gabriel (the Lord Franchalah in Heaven), the Archangel Raphael (the Lord Rahaal in Heaven), and the misnamed on Earth Archangel Ithuriel are celebrated mainly on this special day by the present day Christian Church. The Archangel Gabriel actually no longer holds this office having received His ultimate reward and been absorbed into the GODHEAD and has been replaced by the Lord Dominic as the newly elected ‘Messenger of GOD’.

Being ever all powerful to destroy Satan, Lucifer and the Anti-Christ and their evil energies in the name of THE LORD CHRIST I AM/ EIN SOF/ LORD YAWEH, the Lord Mikaal is often seen in Glastonbury destroying negative energies of this nature still practiced by a few groups here in Avalon still today through ceremonies. The Light of GOD will always crush and destroy the darkness that exists outside of Christendom that is manifested through these black magicians. Halloween is one such pagan ceremony where St. Michael the Archangel is always in town, and every year within a day or so, we end up having a terrific thunder and lightning storm with high winds to destroy the black energy created from peoples ignorance in the main away from the sacred places and Divine Light Avalonian Centres of LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA/ JESUS and HIS Heavenly FATHER-MOTHER on High. The LIGHT of GOD will EVER PREVAIL on Earth as it is in Heaven. And in this Divine universal Truth, Peace be with you All this happy day. Blessings and all our love be to all our dear Angelic friends in the Heaven Worlds that come to work with us daily here.st-michael-the-archangel

Flo and Jim Fulfill Their Dream with Your Help

I am pleased to say that a cheque for £9,000 was handed over to Yeovil Hospital Childrens Unit today to help buy a specialist piece of life saving monitoring equipment that the children’s ward required.

My dear friends Florence aged 86 and her husband Jim aged 90 years young that run the Yeovil Nazarene Christian Spiritualist Church in Yeovil did a sponsored 60 mile per hour, 300 metre long high Sky Wire ride at the Eden Project in Cornwall to raise this money, Jim being the oldest person in Britain ever to attempt it. And they both did it with flying colours. Congratulations to them both.

Thank you to everybody that stayed here at the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. based here in Avalon during the Spring and early Summer that helped us support them both in this great venture. Give yourself a pat on the back. You have all helped to save a lot of young children’s lives today and saved a lot of families from potential bereavement issues. Thank you all and bless you for caring.


 Pictures by Len Copland

A Fraudulent Maitreya in Glastonbury, U.K. Today. Stay Away!

There is a man calling himself the new Lord Maitreya, the Master Jesus, and the Lord Christ here in Glastonbury today from California charging £1,350 per person to come and stand in his presence! The mind boggles! The real LORD YESHUA/ JESUS, and I have never charged a penny to talk to Us to date!

Don’t waste your money going to the Glastonbury Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy (shop) either connected with this fraudulent man of which LORD YESHUA prophesied (The Gospel According to St. Matthew 24:10-11.), to be conned out of a lot of your hard earned money to buy pieces of pretty multi-coloured pieces of cheap plastic with a piece of copper wire wrapped around it in a geometric shape, supposedly to balance and connect various vibrations Spiritually to your auric field. It is all a con, as are his teachings to make people break the Holy Law of the real LORD CHRIST I AM. He is a superb marketing manager though getting thousands of people to buy his cheap trash goods to support his luxury life style!

“Then many will be subverted, and they will hate one another and will betray one another. And many false Prophets will arise and will deceive many.”
(LORD YESHUA. The Aramaic Bible. The Gospel According to St. Matthew 24:10-11.)

Ever seek the Truth of what is Real and leave the rest.

“And you will know the Truth, and that Truth will set you free.”
(LORD YESHUA. The Real One. The Aramaic Bible. The Gospel According to St. John 8:32.)

Peace be with you.

Rev. Sister Dominic

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Thank You Everybody That Helped Me Out in a Crisis!

Thank you to everybody in our little Nazarene Community from all over the South-West of England that jumped in wholeheartedly to help run this Centre in my absence when it was full with a lovely Spanish group, when I had an unexpected three day emergency stay in hospital last week with a knee injury. Thank you especially to Tonya, Paul 1, Jose, Francesca and Paul 2. Bless you all and many thanks for your so freely gifted unconditional love and kindness towards myself, the retreatants, Star and the cats. Will Star be woofing in Cornish when she returns home I wonder????

Blessings to All.

Rev. Sister Dominic

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A Visit from our German and Dutch Essene Community Friends

We had a lovely surprise visit from Sabine and Jacobus Niederpelt from Northern Germany on the 9th. September, both Essene Ministers and their student Essene Ministers gathered from all over West Germany ~ Homely, Waltraut, Annette and Gabriele. A lovely evening was spent in the Temple together singing, chanting and saying Nazarene Essene Prayers in German and English together united as One Community of Love, Light and Peace.

Until we meet again in Linz, Austria next Spring, “Alles Gute!”


A lovely evening spent with our Essene Community Brothers and Sisters gathered from all over Germany and The Netherlands.


Happy Autumn Equinox & World Peace Day Everybody

Happy Autumn Equinox to all our Essene Brothers and Sisters around this beautiful World.

Today is celebrated as World Peace Day around the globe, but in reality, the Path of a Nazarene following in the Footsteps of our beloved LORD YESHUA and the Nazarene pre-Adamic Mount Carmel Community Order is to make every day a Day of Peace, through all we Think, Do and Say. It is a Way of Being that we practice living 24/7, 365 days a year unto eternity.

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

— Black Elk (1863-1950)


Earlier in the year, we had a lovely spiritual lady come to stay with us here at this Centre that wrote a world peace prayer. I thought I would share it all with you today.

“We celebrate the time of World Peace
As each person surrenders to their higher selves and gains a new inner peace and serenity

Leaves behind the residual conditioning and emotions of the past and cultivates a new level of understanding, forgiveness and compassion

Enabling the world’s population to live together in acceptance of each person’s individuality, diversity and beliefs

Embracing a new level of stability, security, world peace, harmony, unity and plenty for everyone

As each person moves forward on this level of unconditional love, may they shine and become empowered as they recognise their individual strengths, gifts and talents, and accelerate their own learning, experience, knowledge and wisdom

Let us understand how all of this can effect a new foundation and benefit the highest good of mankind and humanity in actively promoting peace through the power of love, and positive thoughts, words and actions to help find individual and global solutions

May each person make a difference in our World and from this life experience move forward with understanding and enlightenment

This prayer is said with the highest levels of love, sincerity and integrity

In Love, and Light and Healing.”

May Peace, Love and Light be with you ALL.
Many Blessings,
Rev. Sister Dominicrose-and-three-candles_dsc01710

Zwei Workshops in spiritueller Heilkunde in Österreich mit Rev. Sister Dominic/ Grandmother ‘Dominic White Eagle Star’

Ostern – April 2017

1) Hagenberg/Bez. Freistadt…………
2) Oberwölbling, Freiraum-Jurte, 14. -16 April 2017: Freitag und Samstag 10.00-19.00 Sonntag 10.00 – 15.00

                                                                             €  200

“Wir sind alle als Ureinwohner in dieser wunderbaren Welt beheimatet
und der Universelle Große Geist hat offenbart, dass es nun an der Zeit ist,
die Heiligen Lehren der Ältesten der Spirituellen Medizin weiterzugeben.
Um sie zu beschützen, wurden sie über viele Jahrhunderte geheim gehalten”
(Grandmother White Eagle Star)
Grandmother White Eagle Star ist international bekannt als spirituelle Autorin, Lehrerin, Heilerin und Zeremonien-Leiterin. Sie studierte und arbeitete über 30 Jahre mit Medizinfrauen und Medizinmännern vieler Stämme der nordamerikanischen Indianer und anderen Ältesten-Traditionen der Welt, auch in Europa.
Von 1983-2012 führte sie die Firebird Medicine Lodge und das White Eagle Star-Heilzentrum in ihren Wohnsitzen in den Welsh Mountains und Herefordshire. Auf Anweisung des Großen Geistes zog sie um nach Glastonbury (Südengland). Nun lehrt und praktiziert sie viele Heilungstechniken in ihrem spirituellen Retreat-Zentrum, dem Living Waters Truth Centre im Herzen Avalons.
Von Grundberuf Diplom-Krankenschwester ist Grandmother White Eagle Star nun auch Inter-Faith-Minister (d.h.: Amt zur Unterstützung der Toleranz der Religionen und zur Entwicklung des Weltfriedens); sie arbeitet schamanisch und praktiziert Komplementär-Medizin mehrerer Arten. Sie ist in der Franziskanischen Kirche bekannt als Reverend Rosemary, und sie leitet als Sister Dominic den Nazarener Essener Orden von Mount Karmel U.K. Nach spiritueller Anweisung hat sie den in Europa ersten Nazarener-Essener Licht-Tempel für Gott gebaut – seit Lord Yeshua/Jesus vor 2000 Jahren in Glastonbury/Avalon den vorigen errichtete.

Da Grandmother White Eagle Star auch eine Medizin-Frau, Inipi-Schwitzhütten-Leiterin (Reinigungs-Zeremonie der Indianer), Singing und Sucking Doctor, Zeremonien-Leiterin, Führerin in höhere Ebenen, Sonnentänzerin und Trägerin der Sacred Pipe (Heilige Pfeife der Indianer) ist, wird sie gebeten, weltweit an Universitäten, bei Versammlungen der Indianer Amerikas oder in kleineren Gruppen (in Workshops) die traditionelle universelle spirituelle Medizin zu unterrichten.
Sie lehrt auch durch ihr Buch, eine Meditations-CD und eine DVD.

Werdegang von Grandmother White Eagle Star: Als Krankenschwester hat sie sich in Techniken zur Schmerzkontrolle spezialisiert; durch ein Diplom in anerkannten komplementärmedizinischen Techniken hat sie ihr Wissen erweitert. Dies führte sie dann dazu, traditionelle Indianische Medizin – wie Energie-Medizin, Kräuterkunde und Kristallheilung zu erlernen.

Sie hat ihr Wissen über spirituelle Medizin auch aus vielen spirituellen Visionen und Erfahrungen in diesem und früheren Leben, an die sie sich erinnert, u.a.: Zipporah (die Frau des Propheten Moses), Maria von Bethanien und Magdala (Magdalena-die Heilerin Jesu), Guinevere (Frau von König Artus), Minnie Ha Ha (Frau von LORD HAY-ENT-WATHA/HIAWATHA – der große Friedensbringer Amerikas), Clara von Assisi, Jeanne d´Arc, „Walks as she thinks“ (die Teton Sioux Medizinfrau und Mutter von Häuptling Red Cloud), und St. Bernadette von Lourdes, um nur einige zu nennen.

Dieser zweitägige Workshop umfasst:
Die Struktur/Gliederung des Himmels
Die 13 Morning-Star-Christus-Strahlen und die Kräfte der Engel
Der Heilige Gral: was er uns lehrt und uns zu teil werden lässt (mit uns teilt)
Wie man sich wieder mit den Engeln und den Welten der Naturgeistwesen verbindet
Leben im Einklang mit dem Universellen Spirituellen und Natürlichen Gesetz
Heilungswege der Indianer, der Europäer und der Nazarener-Essener – von Jesus/LORD YESHUA
Wie man den Weg der göttlichen Liebe und des tiefen inneren Friedens geht
Anleitungen zur spirituellen Entwicklung für die Teilnehmer des Workshops
Eine Einsicht in die früheren Leben von Grandmother White Eagle Star

Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte:

Maria and Gerhard Scheuchenstuhl

E-Mail: scheuchenstuhlmaria@gmail.com


Grandmother White Eagle Star

E-Mail: livingwaterstruthcentre@gmail.com

E-Mail: nazareanessene@gmail.com