Happy Michaelmas to Everybody from Avalon, the Isle of Glass

Happy Michaelmas everybody!

Today, the 29th. September, 2016 is the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel, known as the Lord Mikaal in the Spirit Realms that guards the Throne of GOD in Heaven for GOD, and also works with us very closely here at this Nazarean Essene Centre here in Avalon with the Holy Grail energies.

He is often to be seen by our Community Members with other Archangels protecting the door into the Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose here in mystical and sacred Avalon. Although there are thirteen great Archangels and Seraphim that make up the High Council of GOD in Heaven, traditionally on Earth for some reason unknown to me, only the former Archangel Gabriel (the Lord Franchalah in Heaven), the Archangel Raphael (the Lord Rahaal in Heaven), and the misnamed on Earth Archangel Ithuriel are celebrated mainly on this special day by the present day Christian Church. The Archangel Gabriel actually no longer holds this office having received His ultimate reward and been absorbed into the GODHEAD and has been replaced by the Lord Dominic as the newly elected ‘Messenger of GOD’.

Being ever all powerful to destroy Satan, Lucifer and the Anti-Christ and their evil energies in the name of THE LORD CHRIST I AM/ EIN SOF/ LORD YAWEH, the Lord Mikaal is often seen in Glastonbury destroying negative energies of this nature still practiced by a few groups here in Avalon still today through ceremonies. The Light of GOD will always crush and destroy the darkness that exists outside of Christendom that is manifested through these black magicians. Halloween is one such pagan ceremony where St. Michael the Archangel is always in town, and every year within a day or so, we end up having a terrific thunder and lightning storm with high winds to destroy the black energy created from peoples ignorance in the main away from the sacred places and Divine Light Avalonian Centres of LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA/ JESUS and HIS Heavenly FATHER-MOTHER on High. The LIGHT of GOD will EVER PREVAIL on Earth as it is in Heaven. And in this Divine universal Truth, Peace be with you All this happy day. Blessings and all our love be to all our dear Angelic friends in the Heaven Worlds that come to work with us daily here.st-michael-the-archangel

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