Our Standing Rock Native American Indian Meditation Evening


On the 10th. November, Rev. Sister Dominic led a causal peace meditation for the united Native American Indians Nations that are trying desperately to protect the huge Missouri River from pollution by a huge oil pipeline that oil magnets wish to dig underneath it. This water course supplies the drinking water to millions of people and they just don’t care about them. So the Indians have been gathering to protect Grandmother Earth to try and block the diggers from doing their work holding their sacred peace pipes. They have been attacked with pepper spray and badly bitten by Alsatian guard dogs for doing nothing but protecting their land.

A man that attended my meditation evening was given a wonderful vision of what he saw manifested by us all here in Glastonbury during my meditation to help them. Here is what he saw.

“As soon as the Rosemary began drumming and singing I was drawn deep within into a place of stillness. After a while I emerged into a valley which I saw as the Standing Rock Camp. I was feeling much love for all and compassion for the greedy fools who rape the Earth. I saw rainbows arc out from my heart across the valley as I hovered in the sky overhead. In the distance I saw a Native American female sitting of a rock and through her mystic vision saw me, we saw each other.

May the great awakening continue…”


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