Who Is Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ That Has Launched This Crowd Funding Appeal?


I thought I would tell you a little bit more about the person that has channelled this book.

Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ is a trained Nurse, with 25 Years of experience in different fields of Acute Medicine, the Intensive Care Unit and Operating Theatres, and fields of High Care Surgery. She has specialised in Pain Control techniques throughout Her Life, be they Physical, Spiritual, Mental or Emotional within Humanity, the Nature Kingdoms, or the Earth Itself.

She has studied Shamanically and has led Ceremonies and Native Gatherings with Native American Spiritual Elders and Indigenous Traditional Medicine People from all over the World for the past 30 Years. ‘White Eagle Star’ is a Medicine Woman, a Pipe Carrier for the People, a Sundancer, a Singing and Sucking Doctor in the Inipi (Purification Lodge) and a High Plains Spiritual Leader Woman.

In 1983 She founded The Firebird Medicine Lodge and the Eagle Star Healing Centre. She has also founded The Morning Star Solar College of Astrogeny, a College that teaches the Universal Divine Truths of GOD.

Rev. Sister Dominic also carries Diplomas in more conventional Complementary Therapies such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Facial, Body and Remedial Massage, Nutrition and Counselling.

She is Spiritually Ordained as a busy working Minister in the Franciscan Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking and also with the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, and teaches internet courses in the ‘Nazarean Essene Way’. In 2001, LORD YESHUA instructed Her to found ‘The Little Church of the Sweet Flowers, CHRIST and All Angels’ to carry on Her Ministry work as the former Benedictine Essene St. Clare of Assisi.

A Spiritual Trance Medium from a very young age, in 2012 She was instructed by Spirit to move to Glastonbury in Avalon to live and to re-establish a Nazarean Essene Mystery School there. Following this, She was commanded by LORD YESHUA/ JESIAS the MESSIAH to build the First Nazarene Temple to be built in Europe for 2,000 Years to replace the One that HE had built with HIS Great-Uncle St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN that was catastrophically burnt down, and is now known as ‘The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose’.
Apart from running currently Her Own Spiritual Retreat Centre, the Living Waters Truth Centre in Glastonbury, Rev. Sister Dominic is an Authoress of Two Books, a professional Proofreader, an Inter-Dimensional Spiritual and Shamanic Healer, a film producer of an Essene DVD, creates Meditation CD’s and travels the World as an international Spiritual Lecturer to Universities, varying different Groups and leads Workshops on the Essenes, Spiritual Development and Shamanic Practices.

Through Her very unusual series of Life experiences, She can now just about cope with all that Life presents to Her (with the exception of computers!) from Ante-Natal Care to Obstetrics; from Nursing and Counselling of Special Care Premature Babies, Children and Adults of all ages, to Baptising, Marrying and Burying People; and from Soul Rescue Work when get They lost in between Worlds, to Exorcism.

She meets each Day as it comes with Honour, Respect, Love and Gratitude, and does Her best to restore Peace to all She meets in this World.

Please press on this link to help in my crowd funding appeal. Many thanks and Peace be with You.


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