The Legendary KING ARTHURE of Avalon Teaches HIS Experience of Receiving the HOLY GRAIL in Glastonbury.

A wonderful thing happened earlier this week. Since KING ARTHURE Spiritually Channelled the first part of HIS autobiography of HIS incarnation as ARA The GOOD, the mystical Merlin of HIS day and received THE HOLY GRAIL to our Planet in that life time and started the Knighthood training of three of HIS later Knights of the Round Table, I have been asking HIM to come and give me more information about that once in a Planets historical occasion.

This HE did quite unannounced bless Him last Tuesday and totally blew my mind with what HE shared! HE described what It looks like, where it is, what It is made of, where It was made, what is inside of It scientifically and chemically, and what It does. A scientists and quantum physicists dream!

If you can help me with my Crowd Funding Appeal to publish this knowledge for the World, please go to this website to make a donation and many thanks.


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