First KING ARTHURE Autobiography Book Review Sent In & New Book Purchasing Places

Hi Friends,

I let a friend Richard read my proof copy sent from the publishers yesterday (12.5.17.) of KING ARTHURE’S new autobiography part 1 before it is released next Wednesday. He said,

“It’s like a bar of chocolate! You can’t put it down. It keeps pulling you in! You just have to keep dipping in and having another bit, and then another bit, and then another bit when you have digested that. It’s pure TRUTH, just FABULOUS! This will wake the World UP! Just what it needs!”

Here are the web addresses for ordering KING ARTHURE’S first new book from next Wednesday onwards, the 17th. May, 2017. Amazon can take up to a week sometimes to load new things up onto their system I am told and so the other book suppliers will probably be quicker to obtain this exciting Spirit book from. is my own publishers site and so that will go up on the internet immediately to purchase it from.

Flyer FrontFlyer22.indd


“You’re the PATH to FREEDOM and LOVE. Get this Book OUT to the WORLD and make Them LOOK at Their Lives and Practices of TODAY! It is Their LAST RIGHT to LIFE!!! GO for it. Reach ALL You CAN, FAR and WIDE! The TRUTHS of GOD are IMMACULATE to Her and ALL LIFE! With One BREATH, It can sweep the Land this Book and reach the Hearts of MEN! That is why I have WRITTEN it for You and come BACK! I waited ALL, MY, LIFE, for Your RETURN and now You have come BACK!”

Release date: 17th. May, 2017

2017 First Soft Backed Full Colour Edition. £18.00 GBP.
ISBN: 978-1-78456-478-0
2017 First Hard Backed Full Colour Edition.
£24.00 GBP. ISBN: 978-1-78456-679-7

Available from,,, and all good bookshops internationally.


Any other questions, you know where to find me. Much love to you all.

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