The Legendary King Arthure’s New Amazing Autobiography Part 1 is NOW AVAILABLE to Purchase!

After an unexpected delay with my publishers putting the legendary King Arthure’s first book ~ autobiography Part 1 ~ up onto the various websites they use, having been printed already two weeks ago now, it is now possible to purchase it on their own company online bookshop as of today!

Here is the first web address link to it to appear for you all to find easily.

Hopefull it will appear on tomorrow.

I have also ordered some copies to sell from the Spiritual Retreat Centre here in Avalon which should hopefully be here in about a weeks time if friends wish to pop in to collect their copies.

King Arthure and St. Michael The Archangel are over the moon that it has finally manifested in our world and have been here since lunch time today celebrating this fact with me bless Them. Now it is time to start compiling book 2, Summer season with the guests booked in permitting!

Thank you to everyone for all your enthusiasm about this first Arthurian history and Holy Grail book of Divine Truth and for your great comments, those of you that couldn’t wait and have already read the proof editions.

Now the TRUTH about the very noble and courageous King Arthure of Avalon, Dumnonia, Wessex and Angleland is finally revealed. Enjoy and prepare to have your mind stretched in ways that you least expect as He tells His amazing life’s story…

Rev. Sister Dominic

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