Rev. Sister/ Grandmother Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ World Fairy Day Interview 24th. June, 2017 with Katharine Kinnie

A lady I knew 1,500 years ago and newly re-connected to friend Katharine contacted me this morning saying that she was in town for the day with her partner Chris. She told me it was World Fairy Day and asked me if she could come over and do an interview with me for her live website show about my experiences in life working with them as a Nazarean Essene/ Native American trained Medicine Woman and Spiritual Elder. I agreed and had a lovely recording session together tonight here at my Spiritual Retreat Centre here in Avalon.

Blessings to all
Rev. Sister Dominic

Linking in with Nicholas Perrin and His Friend Aurora in a Spiritual Teachers Sacred Wisdom Circle

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely soul in New Zealand called Nicholas Perrin Nicholas Perrin and Aurora Sacred Wisdom Evening_June 2017that was coming to Glastonbury with his dear friend Aurora and her partner to put on a Sacred Christ  Consciousness Wisdom Circle for Spiritual Teachers to come together as One to help anchor the Christ Light still further in Avalon through his spiritual guidance from on high. I contacted a few high flying spiritual teachers that I knew locally in the area and we shared a fabulous evening of personal spirit inspired experiences channelled teachings and sacred chanting together and blew the roof off of Glastonbury I think with our power. The Christ Light was dazzling to say the least.

Lord Mikaal/St. Michael The Archangel came and I channelled Lord Yeshua and King Arthure of legend for some considerable time with amazing teachings being given out. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all I know very in keeping with the Essene Way of antiquity.
Peace be with you all.

Happy Summer Solstice 2017 to All Our Friends Worldwide.

solsticeThis Summer Solstice sunrise photograph was sent to me this morning by one of my Swedish friends. Hopefully the CHRIST LIGHT radiating through the ancient stones here, on the hottest Summer Solstice Day on record in the U.K., will help to cleanse the 4 million years of human sacrifice ceremonies and suffering there of so many helpless souls caught up in those Druidic and pagan sacrifical rites that KING ARTHURE speaks about in HIS new autobiography, of which HE was nearly one HIMSELF.

Happy Summer Solstice everybody and Peace be with you.


I had some friends over to enjoy the Summer heatwave, (the hottest Summer on record in the U.K. since 1976) and one of them said to me, “I wish I could hear ‘The Magdalene’ speak!” In a flash, I got a reply back from the Spirit World and was told, “She CAN!” and so I sat down in the shade of The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose and this very powerful and commanding Message came through me in spiritual trance from ‘I AM’ THE LORD CHRIST about JUDGEMENT DAY and the SECOND COMING of CHRIST.
Without warning, my friends were asked to record what was about to be gifted to the World and so there is a little bit of rustling about in bags looking for their mobile phones and turning them on very hurriedly in the very beginning of the LORD CHRIST’S ADDRESS to ALL HUMANITY.
Peace be with all Humanity.
Rev. Sister Dominic


European Avalonian Spiritual Retreat Centre Nazarean Essene Summer Solstice Community Annual Garden Party, 17th. June, 2017

Yesterday, the 17th. June, 2017, I held my private Nazarene Community Annual Gathering and Drop-in Garden Party as I have for over twenty years now throughout Britain.


With KING ARTHURE’S new book publication in the last few weeks, I haven’t had the time free to arrange things as much as usual, and so I just made food for everyone and they dropped in throughout the day, this Centre’s international friends, and shared their exciting news of current day life experiences lived in ‘The Essene Way’ of daily miracles and had a catch up with myself and others.

Apart from our U.K. Community that had travelled down to Avalon, we had members of our Nazarene Ecclesia from as far as Ukraine, India, Holland and the Caribbean calling in. All UNIFIED as ONE in the CHRIST ESSENE TEACHINGS of LOVE DIVINE and PEACE, regardless of Colour, Creed or Nation. Just wonderful, and the Angel of Sun and DIVINE MOTHER blessed us with a perfect English hot and gloriously sunny day to enjoy it in also.

A fun day spent with happy and joyful like minded peaceful loving switched on Souls. What else can you ask for in life?

KING ARTHURE’S Daughter ‘The Magdalene’s’ Visit to Cerne Abbas Crop Circle Created to Announce HIS New Book Launch

On Saturday, 3rd. June 2017, I was taken to see the new KING ARTHURE spiritually manifested Mary Magdalene crop circle at Cerne Abbas just south of Yeovil, West Dorset, created to honour me as HIS daughter and “The Pen” of HIS new autobiography.

Here are some photographs of me sat in the heart chakra of it. This is the first one that I have visited and if they are all as revelationary as this one, I will visiting a lot more in the future!

I spent a very happy three hours channelling very very advanced Star Beings sat in this very quiet countryside location there from Andromeda and Ganymede. In fact, I have never had the pleasure to connect to so MANY, MANY, very very advanced Beings in one place at one time. It was a real joy to do, despite an irritating noisy flying drone flying over me while I was trying to work twice for about ten minutes at a time!They are great for taking aerial photographs, but very annoying and spiritually intrusive when you are trying to place all your focus on such super intelligent Beings of Divine Love.

Peace be with you all from Them and myself.