European Avalonian Spiritual Retreat Centre Nazarean Essene Summer Solstice Community Annual Garden Party, 17th. June, 2017

Yesterday, the 17th. June, 2017, I held my private Nazarene Community Annual Gathering and Drop-in Garden Party as I have for over twenty years now throughout Britain.


With KING ARTHURE’S new book publication in the last few weeks, I haven’t had the time free to arrange things as much as usual, and so I just made food for everyone and they dropped in throughout the day, this Centre’s international friends, and shared their exciting news of current day life experiences lived in ‘The Essene Way’ of daily miracles and had a catch up with myself and others.

Apart from our U.K. Community that had travelled down to Avalon, we had members of our Nazarene Ecclesia from as far as Ukraine, India, Holland and the Caribbean calling in. All UNIFIED as ONE in the CHRIST ESSENE TEACHINGS of LOVE DIVINE and PEACE, regardless of Colour, Creed or Nation. Just wonderful, and the Angel of Sun and DIVINE MOTHER blessed us with a perfect English hot and gloriously sunny day to enjoy it in also.

A fun day spent with happy and joyful like minded peaceful loving switched on Souls. What else can you ask for in life?

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