Linking in with Nicholas Perrin and His Friend Aurora in a Spiritual Teachers Sacred Wisdom Circle

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely soul in New Zealand called Nicholas Perrin Nicholas Perrin and Aurora Sacred Wisdom Evening_June 2017that was coming to Glastonbury with his dear friend Aurora and her partner to put on a Sacred Christ  Consciousness Wisdom Circle for Spiritual Teachers to come together as One to help anchor the Christ Light still further in Avalon through his spiritual guidance from on high. I contacted a few high flying spiritual teachers that I knew locally in the area and we shared a fabulous evening of personal spirit inspired experiences channelled teachings and sacred chanting together and blew the roof off of Glastonbury I think with our power. The Christ Light was dazzling to say the least.

Lord Mikaal/St. Michael The Archangel came and I channelled Lord Yeshua and King Arthure of legend for some considerable time with amazing teachings being given out. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all I know very in keeping with the Essene Way of antiquity.
Peace be with you all.

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