Much Loved Young Uthyr Pendragon Passes Suddenly Back to Spirit. 2015-3rd. July, 2017

I am sorry to inform everybody tonight that young Uthyr Pendragon, my two year old totally fearless brown tabby cat was murdered tonight at 5:15 p.m. by a cold-hearted wreckless hit and run driver outside the Centre. My kind neighbour sadly witnessed the event and scooped him up but it was too late. He died instantly from his head injuries.


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I picked him up, cleaned him up and placed him a box wrapped in a blanket with Sacred Sage and took him into the Temple to carry him over to the Spirit World spiritually with my Native American Medicine Woman/ Nazarean Essene Therapeutae hat on through the tears. As a result, he completed his seven day normal transition between worlds by 5:40 p.m. and found his immediate rest in the Heavenly Kingdom.

I had just finished doing his little funeral ceremony in the Temple stood before LORD YESHUA’S picture holding him in my arms, when I felt LORD YESHUA with me very strongly. As I tuned in as best I could at that moment, the Heavenly Father’s Angel of Death having departed with my dear little constant companion and friend’s Spirit, I looked up at Lord Yeshua’s picture and had the surprise of my life. A golden light just manifested over Lord Yeshua’s face in the picture, that I have never seen appear in all the years that the Temple has been built in that way. His Spirit just walked out of that picture and held us both in that moment and He gave me comfort bless Him.


Would you all please say prayers for little Uthyr best puss tonight to help him make his transition to his higher life? Many thanks.

Two Spiritual Medium friends arrived at my door at 9:25 p.m.and picked up on what had happened. She saw Lord Yeshua again manifest stood between us while sat in the dining room, stood in His glorious silver Atruhm Ray Christ Light and at that moment, He said to me, “He is in LOVE now.” He gave me a beautiful vision of Uthyr totally enfolded in a dazzling bright golden yellow light resting peacefully curled up in the sleep state in healing mode with Him.

I know Uthyr will be back as soon as he is fully recovered, because he was my ‘Temple Cat’ and I couldn’t do my Holy Essene Communion Prayers without him. He simply wouldn’t let me! Five minutes before the Christ energies came in each time, Uthyr would feel the Christ energy changing gear and be sat at that door waiting and ready, and if I was a few minutes late, he went into melt down and went frantically looking for me so he could start promptly! He couldn’t bare missing his thrice daily Nazarene Prayer Time and no doubt that habit won’t change now he has achieved his wings! I know that he will join me in there as soon as he has mastered his flying lessons.

Cat With Wings and Halo_269982_1863207135312_5722239_n

I have included with this true story tonight an image of how the picture normally looks and what happened tonight as Uthyr’s Soul was collected by GOD’S Angel and LORD YESHUA received Him back to His dear sweet heart.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve/ The Hebrew Gospel
Lection XXXIV

Love Of Yeshua For All Creatures
His Care for a Cat

1. WHEN Yeshua knew how the Pharisees had murmured and complained because he made and baptized more disciples than John, he left Judea, and departed again unto Galilee.
2. AND Yeshua came to a certain Tree and abode beneath it many days. And there came Mary Magdalene and other women and ministered unto him of their substance, and he taught daily all that came unto him.
3. And the birds gathered around him, and welcomed him with their song, and other living creatures came unto his feet, and he fed them, and they ate out of his hands.
4. And when he departed he blessed the women who shewed love unto him, and turning to the fig tree, he blessed it also, saying. Thou hast given me shelter and shade from the burning heat, and withal thou hast given me food also.
5. Blessed be thou, increase and be fruitful, and let all who come to thee, find rest and shade and food, and let the birds of the air rejoice in thy branches.
6. And behold the tree grew and flourished exceedingly, and its branches took root downward, and sent shoots upward, and it spread mightily, so that no tree was like unto it for its size and beauty, and the abundance and goodness of its fruit.
7. AND as Yeshua entered into a certain village he saw a young cat which had none to care for her, and she was hungry and cried unto him, and he took her up, and put her inside his garment, and she lay in his bosom.
8. And when he came into the village he set food and drink before the cat, and she ate and drank, and shewed thanks unto him. And he gave her unto one of his disciples, who was a widow, whose name was Lorenza, and she took care of her.
9. And some of the people said, This man careth for all creatures, are they his brothers and sisters that he should love them ? And he said unto them, Verily these are your fellow creatures of the great Household of God, yea, they are your brethren and sisters, having the same breath of life in the Eternal.
10. And whosoever careth for one of the least of these, and giveth it to eat and drink in its need, the same doeth it unto me, and whoso willingly suffereth one of these to be in want, and defendeth it not when evilly entreated, suffereth the evil as done unto me; for as ye have done in this life, so shall it be done unto you in the life to come.




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