GOD’S Temple Cat’s Spirit Returns & Walks Back into Rev. Sister Dominic’s Prayer & Meditation Room in Her Garden. 5th. July, 2017

I had just entered into the Temple today to begin my Noontime Prayer and Meditation routine when I was asked by LORD JEHOVAH to re-open the Temple door. Rather puzzled, knowing the side gate to my home was locked as usual and that I was on my own at the time, I asked HIM “Why?” HE replied, “Uthyr wants to come in!” Somewhat stunned by HIS comment, I did as I was told and opened the closed door and seconds later, in ran Uthyr in his Spirit Body quick as a flash in his usual manner into the room. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, this happening so soon after his passing back to the Spirit World only two days ago, him having received such horrific injuries to his head. GOD’S “Temple Cat” had returned fit as a flea and was back on duty reporting back to GOD everything that he was witnessing inter-dimensionally back to GOD for GOD! It was like he had never left today and all was right once again with the World. He had just lain down his physical body. Apart from that, nothing else had changed to little Uthyr Pendragon. Prayer and Meditation Cat was back to meet the CHRIST RAY daily out pouring of CHRIST LIGHT to this Planet and he didn’t want to miss it.


While still trying to take in the fact that he was back already in record speed to say “Hello to his Mum”, it dawned on me, “He’s in a Spirit Body now. Why didn’t he just walk through the wall like any other Spirit Being would?” and so I asked LORD JEHOVAH that had manifested this Spiritual Miracle for me. HE replied, “Uthyr wanted to come in his usual route!” and he did bless him.

LORD YESHUA came to speak to me in my Evening Prayer time last night and I asked HIM what had made Uthyr so fierce, angry and aggressive as a kitten until he was about 15 months old. In all my close encounters with cats all of my life, and there have been many, I never met one quite like him. He was very distrusting of Humans. HE replied,that “Uthyr had been abandoned by his previous owners as an old cat that he had loved deeply and was devoted to and it made him suffer much and hurt him badly. Through your constant love and his time spent with you, he regained that confidence in Human Beings again and has requested to come back to you to act as your Spirit Guide.” Of course I accepted him without question.
Uthyr is back HOME!

May Peace be with us all!

Cat With Wings and Halo_269982_1863207135312_5722239_n

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