Rev. Sister Dominic Completes Uthyr’s Healing in the Spirit World as a Nazarean Essene Therapeutae. 5th. July, 2017

One thing I forgot to add earlier in today’s events of dear little Uthyr’s return, was that at lunchtime, when he returned and ran like a bullet into the Temple in his usual manner, I was so pleased to see him back, that in my mind I picked him up and held him in my arms to cuddle him. As soon as I did that, I felt this absolutely overwhelming powerful wave of deep seated grief rise up from my naval that passed up to my crown chakra and on out of my body. It caught me totally unawares and reduced me into floods of tears suddenly when I had been in a reasonably good place after the trauma of all that had happened in the last 48 hours.


Uthyr, Willow and Gandalf

I tuned in to Spirit as soon as I could get myself back together again and asked what had just happened? In my Native American traditional way as a Singing and Sucking Doctor in the Purification Lodge/ Sweatlodge, I had taken Uthyr’s huge amount of grief away from him that had occurred to him since being separated again from his owner that he was once more devoted to and loved to bits. Through my deep love for Uthyr, I had gone into that Native American Medicine Healing gear automatically without even trying to and completed his healing process for him by getting rid of it for him in order to heal and move forwards into his new life of the Spirit and get back to work working along side of me.

Thank you especially to Medicine Eagle, Little Bird, Anne, Richard, Marianne, Joseph, Paul, Michelle and McKenzie and all that have been in contact so closely since this awful event physically, by phone, letter and e-mail to support me through this family trauma. Thank you for your Healing Prayers, the Bach Rescue Remedy and the little gifts that have been sent my way to cheer me up. It is so very kind of you all. Bless you all. I am not used to being on the receiving end. I am usually the one directing it out for others. Thank you to all around the World for your love, support and compassion for Uthyr and I during this difficult time. It was greatly appreciated by us both! Bless you.

Peace be with you.

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