Uthyr Pendragon Puss Shares His Experience of Passing Back to the Spirit World with Rev. Sister Dominic/ Grandmother ‘White Eagle Star.’ 6th. July, 2017

After LORD YESHUA had finished speaking yesterday, I went into my usual Meditation state and tuned in. As little Uthyr Pendragon Puss seemed so fully restored at this point in his new Spirit Body, I thought I would ask him if he was alright personally. His reply surprised me. I had never thought to ask an animal about their perceptions, feelings and experiences of passing back into the Light Kingdoms before.


“I’m better than alright! I’m loved and more than I knew. All Stars are about you and I watch from my Realm for ever, and if you ever wish me, I come! And that’s done. Be complete. I want you back and I love then too! My Mum you are and you stay in my head and my heart as long as life exists. Be at peace and miss me not. I am with and remain. My life was so different to how I knew afore back. It is sweeter than I thought. It is a blessing for pussies that love their owners again, and I was and did and came to know, love extreme.

My World is different but it remains my World from now on. You gather your bits and follow afterwards I have been told and I wait for your coming. I miss you much in my head, but my heart knows you are with and will remain. I love. Be at peace. You cannot miss me now you know I am WITH.”

LORD YESHUA then popped back into the Temple where I was sitting quietly as HE does and said to me, “Uthyr is so proud of himself, all he has achieved I think. That is what comes across.”

Cat_The Awakened Know No Fear

Thank GOD, GOD made me a Nazarene Essene to be able to communicate with not only my little friend and constant companion Uthyr, but all of the many, many Worlds of the EARTHLY MOTHER’S Worlds of Nature. Thank you GREAT SPIRIT.

Spiritual Readings are available from Rev. Sister Dominic for members of our little Nazarean Essene internet community that come to stay at our physical Bed and Breakfast Nazarene Centre, the Living Waters Truth Centre here in Glastonbury, Avalon, by prior arrangement.

Peace be unto you all.

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