Uthyr’s Burial Ceremony Completed. Completing Uthyr’s Spiritual Healing Process with Uthyr Today. LORD YESHUA Gives Uthyr’s Spiritual Progress Report. 6th. July, 2017

GRANDMOTHER EARTH/ DIVINE MOTHER had told me that I had to wait for four days before I could bury little Uthyr’s body in the garden here. It normally takes a minimum of 4-7 days for the separation of the Upper Mind from the Lower Mind to separate for both Humans and Animals alike. If you try and bury Beings before that time, they experience in the Spirit World what you are doing to them physically, both mentally, in a sensory manner and emotionally. Had I buried Uthyr before this time, I would have given him panicking maybe created in him deep fear of the dark and feelings of suffocation to deal with and great fear, and I had no intention of doing that to my devoted and loving little companion. Paul came up from Cornwall and MacKenzie came up down from Rugby my friends to help me to bury his little body at 11:00 a.m. and a Lavender plant in full bloom was placed on top of him, a Spiritual disinfectant plant with other things. Ann came over from Cambridge for the day to help me complete his little Nazarene funeral ceremony that I started the day of his death. As LORD YESHUA taught, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I also” and HE was GOD bless HIM.

Following this somber event for me, Uthyr reported in promptly for duty for Noonday Prayer and Meditation time with me bang on time. As I unlocked the Temple door, he shot in like a bullet in his little Spirit Body and jumped onto his favorite chair waiting for me to light the candle. In my creative imagination, I visualised myself holding Uthyr in my arms and within minutes, a huge wave of grief rose up from from my naval area up through my body to my head and up out of my crown chakra. It caught me totally unawares and reduced me to tears on the spot! I had been in a good place considering all that had happened in the last few days. This was so totally unexpected to me.

I tuned in further to the Spirit World having collected myself back together and asked what had just taken place? I was told that I had just withdrawn all little Uthyr’s grief at being separated from me so suddenly through being killed so violently on the road and from him not having had the chance to say “Goodbye.” Through my love link to him, in my traditional Purification Native American Lodge Medicine Woman trained gifts, I had taken it to myself to bring him in the healing he still required for it to be made complete automatically without even trying. As this happened energetically, Uthyr’s Spirit just went into super super happy puss mode with great joy. He bounced back onto his meditation chair and then settled down while I completed my Noontime Holy Communions. Having been abandoned as an old cat in his last incarnation by his owners that he loved deeply, he couldn’t cope with having another loving owner taken away from him that DID want to keep him as he wished, fully loved and cared for. Mentally and emotionally, he had held that to him as he passed over and couldn’t complete his own healing in the Spirit World until it had been released, and he knew unquestionably that I would do it for him, and DID!

Jesus and Cat_610165_1387297746

I asked LORD YESHUA then manifested there with us, how Uthyr was doing in the Spirit Realms at that point, and HE replied, “Uthyr is so peaceful. He has what he willed. He has his life. No separation by death. Uthyr had no idea what happened when he passed. It comes back to his thoughts and dreams now, how good you were to his self and beyond in the Spirit World. Although he is only little, he can see much! I draw death out. His Rest, his Peace, is COME to himself and Above to complete his matrix of life. Uthyr can’t care more than he does. He completes his shift in Dimensions at rocket speed through what you DID for his Life and Above. Thank you I AM says.”

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