The Ascension of CHRIST’S Light Workers 14th. July, 2017

I had an amazing spiritual experience yesterday evening, overnight and early this morning.

I was knocked out energetically early last evening as a part of my own personal preparation with the Light Workers and followers of CHRIST of this Planet for their Spiritual Ascension and the Second Coming of CHRIST long foretold. At 7 p.m. I just had to go to bed and sleep. The GOD Force was so strong, I couldn’t fight it and stay awake a minute longer. As a long established night Owl, having worked night duty as a Nurse for many years, going to bed at this time of the day was totally alien to me, but I had to go with the flow.

I was woken by my alarm clock going off 13 hours later from a still deep sleep telling me it was time to get up to get the guests breakfasts here at the Bed and Breakfast. I was amazed at how I felt! I was so full of Divine Energy, I think I could have empowered all the national grid for Glastonbury from my auric field and the deep sense of really deep centred inter Peace I was experiencing was off the scale of beautiful.

“5. For many will come in my name, and they will say. ‘I AM THE LIVING GOD*, The Messiah’, and they will deceive many.” 6It is going to happen that you are going to hear battles and reports of wars, take heed that you will not be troubled, for it is necessary that all these things should happen, but it will not yet be the end. 7For nation will arise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom, and there will be famines and plagues and earthquakes in various places. 8But all these things are the beginning of sorrows.

9And then they will deliver you to suffering, and they will kill you and you will be hated by all the nations because of my name. 10Then many will be subverted, and they will hate one another and will betray one another. 11And many false Prophets will arise and will deceive many. 12And because of the abundance of evil, the love of many will grow cold. 13But whoever will persevere until the end will have life. 14And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world for the testimony of all the nations and then the end will come.

15But whenever you will see the desecrated sign of desolation that was spoken by Daniel the Prophet, standing in the holy place, (he who reads should consider) 16Then those who are in Judea should flee to the mountains. 17And the one who is on the roof should not come down to take what is in his house. 18And he who is in the field should not return to take his clothes. 19But woe to pregnant women and to those who are nursing in those days. 20But pray that your escape will not be in winter, neither on the Sabbath. 21For then there will be great suffering, which has not been from the beginning of the world even until now, neither will be. 22If those days are not cut short no one would live, but because of the chosen ones, those days will be cut short. 23Then if someone will say to you, “Behold, The Messiah is here or there”, you should not believe. 24For false Messiahs will arise and Prophets of lies, and they will give great signs so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25Behold, I have told you beforehand.

26If therefore they will say to you, “Behold, he is in the desert”, you should not go out, or “Behold, he is in an inner room”, do not believe it. 27For just as lightning goes out from The East and appears unto The West, so will the coming of The Son of Man be. 28Wherever the body will be, there will the eagles be gathered.”
(The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. Chapter 24: 5-28.)

I have been teaching people through my internet Ancient Mystery School, ‘The Morning Star Solar College of Astrogeny’ the Nazarene ‘Way of LORD YESHUA’ for the past 44 years, to prepare people as best that I could for this event that was going to occur with no warning that I knew was getting more and more imminent as LORD YESHUA’S prophecy foretold 2,000 years ago, recorded in v’s. 17-18 of this Holy Gospel chapter. During that enforced 13 hour transition period of sleep, I was ascended considerably from the 4th to the 7th. Aeon above the Archangel level of GOD to the Messianic Plane of GOD, where our dense Physical Bodies are finally transmuted into the pure Crystalline Light Bodies of the Spirit World. For all of you that have been walking this CHRISTED Path with me during that time and living the DIVINE SON of GOD’S/ NAZARENE’S Teachings day upon day with me during my Life Walk during this incarnation, I hope and Pray, that as many of you as possible have been diligent in your daily Essene practices and are experiencing what I am experiencing so wonderfully taking place today here in Glastonbury, Avalon. Having now made this initial over night Transfiguration and Ascension into our Crystalline Light Bodies, we can now make the final Heavenly Ascension up to the 12th, Aeon where we become totally ONE with the UNIVERSAL LORD CHRIST.

It is interesting, I had a friend over to the house last Saturday to give me a healing therapy treatment. Just as she was leaving, and we were saying goodbye to one another in the front garden afterward, Spirit flashed a bright light to me on the ground amongst the pebbles of the drive. When I looked closer, I saw a fossillised snail shell lying amongst the pebbles and a body of a recently deceased beautiful golden-bronze winged coloured Dragonfly lying side by side. My first thought as a Native American trained Medicine Woman was “Transmutation” for the Dragonfly’s gift and symbology to me at that time, but I AM told me straight away that Symbolically in HIS SIGHT, Dragonfly meant “Transfiguration”! And as of today, I understand why this gift was given to me a few days ago now by GOD The HEAVENLY FATHER. Butterflies are more traditionally symbolic of the Divine Teaching “Transmutation”. I had never been gifted a Dragonfly until now, but then I had never been ‘Transfigured’ in this lifetime before until today. Please let me know how many others of our lovely Community internationally have experience this truly Heavenly Blessing of GOD today. I’m really curious!

Peace be with you all and keep on keeping on with your strict daily practices. It is reaping rich dividends at this time as LORD YESHUA prophesied so long ago to those of HIS Flock that kept Faith in HIM and have remained TRUE to HIS LOVE, TEACHINGS and ETERNAL ESSENE ‘WAY of CHRIST.’

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