Unexpected Gratitude Gift for Representing CHRIST Here in Avalon. 1st. September, 2017

I had an interesting conversation with a young man in his early 20’s that I didn’t know yesterday that lives here in town, and out of the blue, he thanked me for representing CHRIST here in Glastonbury, with such a strong presence currently of paganism, druidry and wiccan followings hereabouts.

It was a real surprise to me for one so young to come out with and mean it so deeply. It made all the last five years hard work re-establishing this CHRIST led Spiritual Retreat Centre here worth it! It was lovely to be recognised and acknowledged in this very diverse town of beliefs and spiritual practices, that we have an ever increasing deeply appreciated presence back in the Isle of Apples that founded the town in the beginning times 8 million years ago with LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA, ARA THE GOOD/ KING ARTHURE 2,750 years ago, LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA and St. JOSEPH The ARIMATHEAN 2,000 years ago and KING ARTHURE 1,500 years ago.

The LIGHT and the LOVE of CHRIST and the ALL-SACRED HOLY GRAIL/ GRAAL both anchored here so deeply in the Guardianship of the Glastonian people for the World’s Nations, in DIVINE MOTHER’S Planetary HEART CHAKRA, continues to BURN BRIGHTLY and BURNS ever BRIGHTER each day.

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