A New Consignment of KING ARTHURE’S Part I Autobiography has Arrived at the Centre for You all for Sale. 12th. September, 2017

I received a new consignment of King Arthure’s autobiography and the Truth about the HOLY GRAIL today, “Ara Speaks Through The Looking Glass, Part 1”, the last having sold out as I expected on this subject very quickly and channelled a really interesting “Divine Message” from I AM THE LORD CHRIST to write into a copy for one of our North American friends. I thought I would share with you part of what was dictated to me to write for her on its front page about the Universal Essene Brotherhood of GOD and KING ARTHURE.

“”In a WAY of PEACE you live, in the ESSENE with my BLESSING, THE LORD CHRIST. This is to further your Knowledge with MY BLESSING of HEART and GIFT. All OTHERS will not KNOW ME, but the ESSENE as MY FRIEND and WISE TEACHERS of MY LIFE and KINGDOM of GOD. I ADORE, all THOSE that COME and CHERISH MY LIFE. Be at ONE with and I SANCTIFY your SOUL’S PRESENCE IN MY LIFE. With the BLESSINGS of the ALMIGHTY COME! MY LIFE’S ESSENCE, is IN your HANDS. CHERISH ALL, LOVE ALL, BE ALL in MY NAME, and LIVE, as MY SON did ~ ARTHURE, THE KNIGHT of GOD in the KINGDOM of GOD in HEAVEN and in the lower Chapters of your existence.
Peace be with.
12th. September, 2017.”


All funds raised from the sales of this book and others will go towards the £5,000 minimum set up costs of the U.K. Charities Commission and exorbitant £3,000 quoted Solicitors fees required to set up an independent Nazarean Essene Charitable Trust to protect LORD YESHUA’S, KING ARTHURE’S and the HIERARCHY of GOD in HEAVEN’S TRUE TEACHINGS gifted back to Rev. Sister Dominic for the BLESSING of the WORLD and to re-manifest WORLD PEACE. ‘The Magdalene’ has devoted the past 40 + years of her life and free time away from her work commitments to protect, restore and return THE LORD CHRIST’S DIVINE TEACHINGS back into this World in a pure form, free from all political, religious, cult and extremist dogma of the past 2,000 years, in order to protect our BELOVED DIVINE MOTHER and the very LOVE-LIGHT MATRIX that makes up the FOUNDATION of this WORLD and ALL LIFE held so SACRED by GOD within, upon and above it.

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