A True Story for all Computer Dinosaurs. 28th. August, 2017.

A funny true story for you all, especially the “Technological Dinosaurs” of you like myself, as my son is always calling me!

I went in the computer repair shop in town a few days ago and my friend Paul and computer genius (He understands the infernal contraptions) was in fits of laughter as I walked in the door. The shop was empty and so I asked him what was so funny that was making him laugh so much?

He said that he had just had just had an old lady in her eighties come intothe shop carrying her hard drive box in to be repaired. She explained in layman’s language as best she could to him to try and explain what had gone with her machine. She the pointed to another hard drive that she was testing and pointed to the CD Driver and said to Paul, “Isn’t it kind of the computer manufacturers to build a drawer into my box to sit my cup of tea on when I am working on the machine!”

There is hope for me yet!


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