A Visit from a Spirit Electrician & His Little Very Helpful Miracle! 22nd. September, 2017

An interesting little miracle happened here earlier in the week. A guest came downstairs to tell me that the bathroom light pull switch had stopped working. I got the step ladder out and unscrewed the plastic cover off and had a fiddle with it to see if I could release the cord as it had locked tight. I couldn’t and so I went back downstairs having screwed the electrical fixing all back together and gave her a torch for over night use in the guest bathroom.

About two hours later, after I had gone to bed, my Chinese guest heard the bathroom light fixing being unscrewed again up on the ceiling and then screwed up again. When she went to use the bathroom later on after this second event, the bathroom light switch worked perfectly!


The following morning over breakfast, my guest thanked me for my great kindness and thoughtfulness at having a second go at repairing the bathroom light for her to use. I had no idea what she was talking about, since I had been in my bedroom all that time and there were no other guests staying at this Spiritual Retreat Centre that night and yet the bathroom light when I checked it sure enough was working perfectly!

Thank you who ever the electrician was in the Spirit World that dealt with that little issue for us both. Bless you! Don’t you just LOVE the way that our Friends in the Spirit World look after us when we walk in the FOOTSTEPS of our RABBONI YESHUA!

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