Building a New Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station on the Edge of a Tectonic Plate is Madness! Please Sign this Petition Urgently. 16th. November, 2017

Hi Everyone,

For the sake of ALL LIFE present on this beautiful Planet now and hopefully in the future, by signing this petition today, hopefully, we and ALL THE FUTURE GENERATIONS YET TO COME will still get the opportunity to LIVE in it free of Cancer caused from nuclear toxicity from waste products pumped out by these dangerous plants in our World.

Building it on the edge of a tectonic plate that provided us an earthquake registered at 5.2 on the richter scale about three years ago is totally brainless as well. We could have a worse disaster than Fukushima on our hands here in Britain, only 16 miles from Glastonbury and all that is SACRED here in AVALON, the MOST SACRED PLACE ON THE PLANET and this TWELFTH UNIVERSE of GOD’S CREATION.

DIVINE MOTHER has ALREADY BANNED HER ANGELS from working in that area SHE told me when I visited that area 18 months ago due to the VERY DANGEROUS FALLOUT LEVELS NOW from the nuclear plant already there and the SEA WATER and SHORELINES are DEVOID of LIVING THINGS. Our Precious Seas are dying already from Man’s thoughtless pollution and destruction of everything they touch. This is OUR HOME! We have nowhere ELSE to GO! We must look AFTER our PLANET and no longer KILL IT through our indifference, laziness, selfishness and sheer GREED to pay dividends to shareholders in electricity companies.

I know that the Nazarene Essene Order internationally DO CARE about LIFE UNIVERSALLY, KNOWING that we truly are ALL ONE and what we DO to our DIVINE MOTHER, we DO to OURSELVES, since we are ONE WITH HER and ALL LIFE. As the loving, kind, caring and very responsible people that you are, will you all please sign this petition yourselves and forward this onto all of your friends? If we had another Fukushima scenario here, due to the strong South=Westerly winds that blow generally in this area, England, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia and Europe would cease to be and become devoid of ALL LIFE. There are MUCH SAFER WAYS to produce electricity in our world than this.

Thank you.

EDF are planning to dredge up mud contaminated by the previous Hinkley power stations to make way for a new power station, but this mud may be dangerously radioactive.

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