Happy Autumn Equinox all over the World to our International Community Everywhere! 20th. September, 2017


With the leaves already starting to change colour already in Glastonbury and starting to drop their leaves early in all the high winds and unseasonal heavy rain that we have suffered of late, not only here in Avalon, but all around the World, especially in the Caribbean and South-Western States of America at this time with the man-made hurricanes being very foolishly directed upon our very beautiful and Sacred World and its diverse Peoples, let us send our Heart felt Love out to all those distraught regions of our DIVINE MOTHER’S BEING at this time, and to all those in Mexico also suffering hugely from the recent very powerful earthquakes that have just hit there and direct our healing thoughts collectively as a Community of Loving Souls, to aid them with GOD-GIFTED LIGHT and COMFORT in their darkest hours. Thank you all dear lovely people that I am proud to call my Friends. Peace be with you. x


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