Ilse & Tom from Holland Get Married Here in Avalon. 6th. August, 2017

Today was a lovely day here in Avalon at this Nazarean Essene Spiritual Retreat Centre and Bed and Breakfast.

It started off over breakfast when a lovely Dutch lady, Ilse, that checked in yesterday with her fiancee felt the high love energy vibration in the house the minute she walked through the front door, which almost everybody that comes here picks up on immediately, which made her very excited and happy. She told me over breakfast today, that she works as a Dowsing Teacher in The Netherlands and had brought her machine with her to Avalon that measures energy frequencies and strengths of power. She turned it on in the house and the readings were SO HIGH, they were not measurable by her machine. That made me laugh, for the CHRIST energies in the house were low at that time, not being Prayer Time!

Ilse and her partner Tom came to Glastonbury to get married today in the Avalon Apple Orchard at the bottom of Glastonbury Tor in a Hand Tie Ceremony and so after breakfast, I surprised them with a little rose iced wedding cake with candle and a card to eat later after their ceremony. She looked beautiful, with a flower garland of Sweet Peas, Hydrangea flowers and lace in her hair, and both were ecstatically happy before and after the ceremony.

The day ended with the annual Church of England sacrilegious pop concert in the Glastonbury Abbey booming out across the town at a very high number of decibels above where the cross that LORD YESHUA was crucified on is buried there with HIS sacred burial robes! The long display of fireworks at the end of the pop concert were excellent as always, if let off in the wrong location for them, and in a way seemed more to celebrate Tom and Ilse’s wedding day today since they were going off directly outside their bedroom window during their stay here with me at present.

Many congratulations to you both on your wedding today and your going Vegan today also as new members of our every growing internet international Community of friends! Have a lovely life together.

Peace be with you both.

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