Many of you will know our friends David from London, and Joachim and Aline from near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Joachim and Aline made the beautiful Yew furniture for the Chilton Priory project that I was very involved in during its extensive renovation work to turn into an Essene Centre and was kept here at the Centre until the renovation work was nearly completed a few weeks ago and the specially commissioned new furniture be installed in its rightful home. Some absolutely beautiful craftsmanship putting it mildly! If you ever want really bespoke crafts people, Joachim and Aline are the people you are looking for. Joachim is currently commissioned to design and make a new altar area for a church up in Wales.

We spent a lovely day together here in Glastonbury catching up on each others news.

Interestingly, David had a machine that can measure EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation levels and had the device turned on all during the drive from London down to Glastonbury. The radiation levels were so high, that they were off the scale until he arrived at this Nazarean Essene Bed and Breakfast and Spiritual retreat Centre. As he entered this house, the readings for EMF measured very low. He was amazed. It seems that the very high Spirit CHRIST ENERGIES that I work with here every day protect all Beings that come and stay here at the Centre from the dangerously high levels of EMF now being generated all over this Country. Our Centre’s motto is “For the rejuvenation of Souls.” This is one aspect of our work I was not aware of until today. Thank you David for bringing this one to my attention.

Electromagnetic radiation can harm the body if a person is exposed at a high enough level. Because of this, the UK government has put limits on radiation exposure for workers (The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (CEMFAW) 2016) and members of the public (EC Council Recommendation 1999). There are 25 new symptoms of illness presenting themselves recently in the 12-30 year old age group that lived glued to their computers, ipads, mobile phones, radios and microwaves.

Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation:

Over-exposure to certain types of Electromagnetic Radiation can be harmful. The higher the frequency of the radiation, the more damage it is likely to cause to the body:

~ Microwaves cause internal heating of body tissues
~ Infrared radiation is felt as heat and causes skin burns
~ X-rays damage cells, causing mutations which can lead to
Cancer and cell death
~ Gamma rays also damage cells, causing mutations (which
may lead to Cancer) and cell death

Our guests have always felt better during their stay here at this Centre and this is obviously one contributing factor in that process it seems. Long may it continue!

Peace be unto you all and come back again soon all of you.

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