My Invitation to Meet with Sheikh Nazim Adil of the Sufi Naghshbandi World Community 23rd. July, 2017

Last Sunday, the 23rd. July, 2017, I was invited along by two lovely Sufi ladies staying at this Bed and Breakfast/ Spiritual Retreat Centre to go and meet

four miles outside of Glastonbury at Compton Dundon. He is very highly revered throughout the World and Sufi’s flew in from all over the World to come and attend this Sufi Teaching, Prayer and Meditation Gathering here. It was the first time that I personally have attended a Sufi meeting like this and found it all very different and interesting to what we practice daily in our Nazarean Essene spiritual practices, but the message taught was just the same ~ Peace, Love and Unity to all Beings. A very warm and friendly group of people and devotees. Harmony also cooked for the 200 people present an amazing meal of Middle Eastern style food.

I also got to meet Sheikh Ahmad Pattisahusiwa, a student of his and the World leader and teacher of the Whirling Dervish Dancing tradition. He explained that they dance with their left hand held up to GOD with their palms facing upper most to gather the Love of GOD in their hand and then as they whirl around, they pass that Love of GOD down through their bodies into their right hand, which is positioned carefully with their palm facing downwards towards the Earth, so that the love of GOD can be given into the Earth and all Beings as they dance round and round, so acting as a bridge between Worlds.

I asked him why they dance anti-clockwise? He said that as you leave the Earth, going higher and higher up into the air towards GOD, the Earth gets smaller and smaller and smaller. When you then look back down at the Earth, you see that the Earth is spinning anti-clockwise and so the Whirling Dervish Dancers dance anti-clockwise to be in harmony with the Planets rotation to dance as Spiritual energy transformers between Heaven and Earth. You learn something every day!

I truly am blessed to meet some wonderful World Spiritual Leaders and Teachers while running this Avalonian Essene Retreat.

Sheikh Ahmad Pattisahusiwa was here teaching his form of Spiritual Dancing to a large group of people and hopes to return back to Glastonbury as soon as possible with Sheikh Nazim Adil having felt the strong CHRIST SPIRIT energies here, that are getting stronger and stronger and stronger each day. So if you wish to learn this form of dancing, I will try and keep you all informed as to when he is coming.

Peace be with you.

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