Our Holy Communions Essene Prayer Booklet. 11th. September, 2017

If anybody would like to buy a copy of LORD YESHUA’S original Teachings and our much loved Holy Communions Prayer Booklet, (or a replacement for your original copy having worn it out carrying it with you constantly as I know so many of you now have), published here at this Nazarean Essene Centre, please contact Rev. Sister Dominic for further details. The price is £10.00 + postage and packaging. Many thanks.

All funds raised from the sales of this book and others will go towards the £5,000 minimum set up costs of the U.K. Charities Commission and exorbitant £3,000 quoted Solicitors fees required to set up an independent Nazarean Essene Charitable Trust to protect LORD YESHUA’S, KING ARTHURE’S and the HIERARCHY of GOD in HEAVEN’S TRUE TEACHINGS gifted back to Rev. Sister Dominic for the BLESSING of the WORLD and to re-manifest WORLD PEACE. ‘The Magdalene’ has devoted the past 40 + years of her life and free time away from her work commitments to protect, restore and return THE LORD CHRIST’S DIVINE TEACHINGS back into this World in a pure form, free from all political, religious, cult and extremist dogma of the past 2,000 years, in order to protect our BELOVED DIVINE MOTHER and the very LOVE-LIGHT MATRIX that makes up the FOUNDATION of this WORLD and ALL LIFE held so SACRED by GOD within, upon and above it.

Peace be with you.

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