Star of Avalon, Our Community Puppy Update 20th. July, 2017

People are always asking me how little Star is doing our Nazarene internet Community puppy. For those of you that have joined this internet group fairly recently, one of our Essene friends living in London thought it would be nice if we had a Community Dog, so that those of you that couldn’t have a pet of your own for whatever reason could come and enjoy sharing one upon your trips to this Nazarene Essene Bed and Breakfast here in Glastonbury. I sourced this lovely 12 week old puppy and drove up to the North of England to collect her with another friend of this group. Our member in London very generously donated the money to purchase her from the dog breeder and she came back to live with me here in Avalon.

She has grown considerably since I ended up having to re-home her suddenly following a knee injury that put me in hospital for surgery and having to come home on crutches for a month meaning that doggy walking was impossible. I looked after her for the first year of her life and then she suddenly found herself requiring a new home with another Community member. I thought it would be a temporary arrangement until I was back on my feet, which she soon adapted to, loving the many acres of farmland to run around on and the Cornish beaches to play on during walkies time, but she ended up staying there.

When Uthyr died, her new carer brought her up to see me on holiday for a week which was a lovely treat for me and her I think, as happens quite regularly which is wonderful for me since I still miss her a lot about the place being such a beautiful soul that she is. Here are the latest photographs of her for you to see.20229524_1599927776708497_3587577339118724682_o20229849_1599928320041776_2255805108285984043_o20157875_1599928933375048_5575263050360432129_o20232646_1599929316708343_5229906716560756598_o

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