Two of our Austrian Nazarene Essene Community Come to Stay and Visit this Centre. 29th. August, 2017

August also saw two of my lovely Nazarean Essene International Community and Friends come to Glastonbury earlier this month ~ Angelika and Renate.

They attended my two Nazarene Teaching Workshops last Easter in Upper and Lower Austria while I was on holiday there and wanted to learn more about what I had shared with them, by experiencing for themselves the very ancient, mystical and world famous, spiritually magical pre-Adamic Essene Isle of Avalon of the LORD YESHUA, its High Priest then, now and unto eternity that continues to call people to it of every colour, creed and nation still today, when they are ready to start fast tracking their lives into Pure Divine Love, Infinite Peace beyond measure, and Bliss beyond words!

No man on Earth or elsewhere, will EVER be permitted by GOD to ever develop this most Sacred town in the World (and in fact our 12th. Universe for that matter), into anything but the most PRECIOUS DEDICATED LIGHT TEMPLE on EARTH, and the place of THE HOLY GRAAL. Anybody that tries, to bring industrial development or increased transport freight routes of ANY KIND to this All-Sacred Isle manifests very bad karma to themselves and destroys their own lives and eternal future lived in Heaven upon death. Such is its ETERNAL SANCTITY and REVERENCE in the EYES of GOD. One day, very foolish and ignorant Mankind will open their ‘inner eyes’ and ‘see’ what they have allowed to be permitted in this most SANCTIFIED DOMINION of UNIVERSAL PEACE to ALL LIFE in the past few hundred years and the Planetary Heart Chakra of our DIVINE MOTHER of LOVE beyond measure for us all and regret their actions DEEPLY!

It was lovely to share this most sacred place and experience with two lovely friends that truly know how to walk with Love, Honour and Respect here, as is its TRUE RIGHT BY ALL.


I look forward to hopefully seeing you again in Austria soon for further teaching workshops next year.

Peace be with you both.

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