For Dear Didymus, St. Thomas The Disciple, One of our very Dear Community Members at this Time. 14th. November, 2017

This is for you my dear friend Didymus Judas Thomas and an exceptionally hard working member of our Community currently in very dedicated service to our much beloved LORD YESHUA still. He has travelled on foot to practically nearly every Country in the World over the last ten years following his Divine Instructions and gathered in each what was required leaving himself destitute in order to achieve GOD’S set goal for him in this life. A wonderful and amazing man, that I am proud to call my dear friend again now. Keep going, complete in your devout Faith and get the task finally completed and then we will celebrate together!

Peace be with you now and always.
Rev. Sister Dominic

The Gospel According to Thomas, commonly shortened to the Gospel of Thomas, is a well preserved early Christian,…

The Best and the Worst of Glastonbury this Halloween. 31st. October, 2017

King Arthure’s very Spiritually LIGHT LORD CHRIST Nazarean Essene History of Britain and the Truth about the HOLY GRAIL was on display in the front window of a book shop here in town and at the other end of the scale, Satan’s worst! How can peoples thoughts be directed at such opposite poles of existence within this world is beyond me? NOBODY can live without CHRIST’S LIGHT and LOVE in their lives.

Peace be with you all living within the LIGHT REALMS of CHRIST’S LOVE from here in Avalon tonight.


Chem Trail Lunacy Over The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose again here in Glastonbury, Avalon & the After Effect Later of Them! 18th. October, 2017

Chem trails over the garden here in Glastonbury last week and a very strange and unusual Sun I photographed as Hurricane Orphelia passed over this Essene Spiritual Retreat Centre here in Avalon.

Angel of Air, enter my lungs and give the air of life to my body and transmute all this toxic man made chemical air borne pollution back into Pure Divine Love that is SAFE to BREATHE!



The Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur that LORD YESHUA used to Celebrate each Year. 27th. September, 2017


In the Jewish tradition that LORD YESHUA would have followed strictly as a Nazarean Essene Rabbi of Mount Carmel 2,000 years ago, Yom Kippur is the most important day of the year.

On Yom Kippur we beg God to give us life—healthful life, meaningful life, productive life, good life—life that GOD alone can provide.


Each Jew repeats these requests with increasing urgency throughout this holiest day of the year: Please GOD, give me life! Give my family life! Give the Jewish People life! Give the world life!

The Sages inform us that GOD’S response often mirrors our own initiative: When we perform a good deed GOD performs similar good deeds in return.

In our urgent quest for life, we open the floodgates of GOD’S life-blessings by Giving Life.


And if we are to expect GOD to overlook our shortcomings, to ignore the ‘Rule Book’ and apply HIS boundless Compassion to grant us bountiful good, then —

It is crucial that we don’t simply give a little, within our comfort zone, or as fits our budget.

Rather, we must give Life to others in a manner far beyond our means, way beyond our perceived limits. We must reach deep inside ourselves to give our hard-earned means—our life!—freely to others. This is what LORD YESHUA and HIS Disciples demonstrated to all Beings every day of Their sainted lives during Their Ministries throughout the Holy Land and beyond to here in Glastonbury, Avalon following CHRIST’S horrific Crucifixion.


There may be no greater way to prepare for GOD’S endless blessings than on Yom Kippur.

Although the traditional ‘Nazarene Way of THE MASTER’ is far older than Traditional Orthodox Judaism and was taught the whole World over as by ARA The GOOD in Briton (a much earlier incarnation of the legendary KING ATHURE) in pre-Atlantean days and millions of years long before on other Planets, this UNIVERSAL HOLY LAW of GOD for ALL BEINGS Worldwide is the same then and still now and is not be be ignored, Jewish or other in belief.

Peace be with you all.


A DIVINE CALLING to Visit Glastonbury Abbey Today to Keep a 2,000 Year Old Promise to a Disciple of LORD YESHUA Friend. 25th. September, 2017

Had a really strong impression from Spirit to drop everything at this Nazarean Essene B & B and head down to Glastonbury Abbey last Thursday afternoon.

It was well worth the visit and I re-connected to a lost 2,000 year old manuscript that I have been asked to bring back into our World by a very dear friend at that time. I have been sitting every day since as the pilgrim/ minister tourist trade is starting to slow down a bit now for the year and it is absolutely spell binding to say the least, the information slowly being revealed page by page coming forth. Great! I know what I’LL be doing all this Autumn, Winter and Spring now for GOD! More fun in my free relaxation time! Bring it ON!


I thought Part 2 of King Arthure’s Autobiography was to be the next book to be published for GOD, but now I am starting to wonder. I’ll have to see what instructions I’m given from ‘Upstairs’ in the coming days, weeks and months.

More info later on.