The Passing of My Dear Friend Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle

Shirley Cropped_Brians Naming Ceremony

I have some sad news for you all I am afraid. I had a very strong impression to telephone Shirley last night. I hadn’t had a Christmas card from her this year for the first time in 25 years and that wasn’t like her. Her husband answered the phone and told me that she never recovered from a bout of Pneumonia fully that she had before Christmas and she sadly died at 3:30 a.m. in his arms in bed at home on the 28th. December, 2017. Shirley had been involved in this Community all that time and worked tirelessly with me fundraising for my Native American Indian Charity St. Clare’s Mission based on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in the USA for nearly a decade to train a Sioux Indian in Medicine, in order to get a doctor onto the reservation that was so bad the conditions that no doctor would work there. We raised the money to put Brian Swallow the son of a Chief on the res. through Chadron College in Nebraska and turn life around for 25,000 Indians then living on that reservation, the worst in America. It is currently suffering Winter temperatures of -40 degrees. Most Indians there have no heating in their trailers and many have to sleep in their cars due to Government policies and benefit cuts having cut their annual benefit payments to $1800 a year to live on and purposefully kept employment away from the area to drive them off their own land that a hundred years on they have never paid them for!

Like myself, Shirley had had many Native American Indian incarnations like myself, acting as a Medicine Woman to the Tribe. In her last incarnation, she was Many Horses, Chief Totanka Yotankas/ Sitting Bulls daughter Many Horses, a friend of one of my twin sons Chief Flaming Sky or Chief Red Cloud as Custer knew him that led the Red Cloud Wars in the States.

Anyway, a few days after the event, her husband had to drive into Morrisons the nearest supermarket in Leominster to get some food in for himself as he had been housebound with Shirley being so ill and while driving down the lane from the farm towards the main road, an adult Goshawk flew down and landed on a fence post at the side of the lane in front of him. Normally these very rare protected birds in Britain fly away as a car approaches them being so timid. Not this day. He slowed down as he drew really close to it and it just sat there. As he became parallel with the bird in the car, it ducked its head down and looked into the car and looked at Shirley’s empty seat as if to acknowledge her passing as he drove by. There are currently only fourteen nesting pairs of Goshawks in this country and over the past 40 years, Shirley has probably been key to half of those getting themselves re-established back into the wild having been over hunted and almost exterminated from existence by farmers and hunters. Shirley had them nesting on her farm land and literally protected them day and night like a hawk and in acknowledgement of that fact as myself, was inaugurated by the Goshawk people into their own Bird Tribe, a great honour, and on this occasion of her passing back to the Spirit Realms, this rare member came to pay her homage and give his gratitude, and show his respects for her life’s work for his peoples survival in our world.


When he got to Morrisons in Leominster, two white doves he said came and flew right in front of his car, a sight that he had never seen in that car park before in all the 40 years that they have been shopping there once or twice a week and stopped him in his tracks. He knew then that it was Shirley telling him that she was okay.

She always loved to heal all Life quite naturally. It was second nature to her and I know full well that ‘Medicine Eagle’ will be doing exactly the same now on the other side of life, welcoming and healing her two-footed winged ones, Animal and Nature Kingdom Friends back as they pass back into the Higher Life from this uncaring World. This former Veterinary Nurse, Sioux Medicine Woman, phenomenal Herbal and Crystal Healer, and trainer of U.K. Vets in how to heal all the animals that they would just put down for lack of knowledge will be very sadly missed by us all. She was a first rate Nazarene Therapeutae and I am not one to give praise like that lightly. She truly was the best and this World is a much poorer place today for her loss.

Sorry it is such sad news but I just wanted to let you all know. She has already been back in touch from the other side through her powerful Mediumship skills and sends her love to all that knew her.

Much love,
Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’
x x x

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