Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle’s Funeral Today ~ 18th January, 2018

Shirley with Afghans Beguildy

Today was my dearest and oldest friend Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle’s’ funeral. Medicine Eagle had always had a deep love for all kinds of birds of prey and an hour before her funeral service my head was turned to the left hand side by Spirit to look into a field. There was sat the largest, biggest Buzzard I have ever seen in my life and certainly a bird that you do not see in this area. Then I heard Shirley say to me, “I sent it!” It was her way of saying that she was okay with her funeral arrangements taking place today. She has been in touch frequently since she died and is thoroughly enjoying spreading her wings fully and flying high in the Spirit Realms of Heaven now enjoying her new found freedom. If you feel something angelic fly passed you at speed, I can guarantee that it will be Shirley with rocket boosters fitted to her wings!

This beautiful music was played at Medicine Eagle’s funeral today. Enjoy.

See you again soon Medicine Eagle. x

Rainbow Glastonbury Tor

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