LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S Easter Sunday Address  to Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ ~ ‘The Magdalene’, of  The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Avalon), and the  World Beyond Given in The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose, Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K..  1st. April, 2018. (12:40 p.m. – 2:25 p.m.)

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“You’re HERE and that is NOW, to LISTEN to MY Words of GRACE and LOVE. The People ARE LISTENING! It is MY Watch, to SHARE this. Some SAY not, but They OBSERVE. What can be done by ONE can be done by OTHERS! I TOO have WATCHED and said NOTHING at times and it is a WISE DECISION in parts of Life. I was observed MUCH and out MY GRACE FLEW! It was SWALLOWED by MUCH and many flew AWAY. They couldn’t TAKE. Too MUCH for Their SENSES, the LOVE of MY BEING, of GOD, in a PLACE that They had NOT in Their Lives and want. They couldn’t TAKE and FLED, for that REMEMBRANCE!

So LOVING is MY TASK that COMES. I am a DIFFERENT BEING, now I am ONE with the FATHER (LORD JEHOVAH). HE HEARD MY PRAYER in the Garden of Gethsemane and SPOKE Through MY VOICE to those Guards. They TREMBLED and FLED in a sense and yet Their DUTY was to GOD. They had to REMEMBER who HE WAS, They ARRESTED. It caused PANIC in Their HEARTS as I WATCHED in MY STRESS, of what was COME. I never knew TIRE until that MOMENT.

MY Life was FILLED with FUN, TEACHING the PRAYERS of HEAVEN, and yet that is ANOTHER COURSE now. I was wicked NOT as some have SAID in MY observance. I CONDEMN Them and that is sad. MY HEART BREAKS to DO and yet THE SECOND COMING is APPROACH and You KNOW this and I LOVE her. All that COMES, is MY RISEN SELF. A PRESENCE UNKNOWN to her and row (argue meant here) the REST. They can SQUABBLE all They LIKE, but MY PRSENCE will not be WITH! I am DONE with it! They were CALLED and They ANSWERED not. I was NOT the CAUSE but THEM of Their ARREST by DEATH (the Devil’s Hell Forces meant here) that is APPROACH. The DEATH FORCE is MEANT by that word. YOU know, but the others might NOT that READ this article on her website on her Facebook image to the World.

WE are ONE, THE SON and her, MY MAGDALENE. WE have NEVER REGRETTED what WE did THEN and NOW. Her Life FLEW, after MY complete DISTRESS and RESURRECTED ALL I TAUGHT, and now she DOES this in THIS Life in MY NAME, and I Love her to BITS! No OTHER does this as MY ANGEL, MY SERAPHIM of her UP ABOVE. You KNOW this, but the others NOT! Her legs are HUMAN at this time and not with WINGS as WE MADE for this Life to ENTER unnoticed, to do her WORK and Mission of HEAVEN. No OTHER could have DONE this, but her, and WE said, “Not possible!”, and then, she was disturbed MUCH, and DID to OUR AMAZEMENT and CONGRATULATORY FORCES. No OTHER, was so PROUD to DO in MY NAME, and lie NOT of her UP ABOVE, as down BELOW is done in scorn and blaspheming of MY HEAVEN. MY Heavens WORK, is sent with a MISSION, and she ACHIEVED in MY NAME, as no OTHER has DONE, in the HISTORY of TIME and BEYOND, and can NEVER be done AGAIN! I have shut the DOOR on it, for the BETTERMENT of ALL that is, and Heaven RESTS, for EVER ONWARDS. MY PEACE is COME at LAST, through one MAGDALENE CHILDS EFFORTS in this Life, and further BACK in MY TIME in Genneseret, that time of MY HAPPY PEACE. I LOVED that place, with ALL MY HEART, as HER does TOO as I Watch. Her time in Meditation goes there and sits on those Banks, those Shores of Time of the past when I walked with her and MY Loved ones of the Day.

MY DISCIPLES were with. Matthew, her present Grace and son Luke. THADDEAUS he was Matthew. Now both gazing at the dark, although one is making EFFORTS to RETURN. I Watch and PULL with all the strings I CAN to get his Heart BACK, but the other is LOST I feel for now. I WILL, but he NOT and will to DEATH come, unless he CHANGE and FAST! I have no Time left now for WISHING. It is DONE! MY Crew are ABOARD and HEAVEN is CASCADING to the LIGHT for POWER for this EVENT. So now you KNOW, how CLOSE it is her DECISION, to pull BACK STUART! His LIFE is in MY HANDS NOT at this Time, and he must be ARRESTED, or CLOSE his SOUL with the REST that choose to follow GOD NOT. Allow him NOT to FAIL. He is WISHED, MORE than he KNOWS! I LOVE him to BITS. He is MY MASTER HEALER and MEDICINE WORKER here in the HEAVEN REALMS of the 8th. PLANE of GOD up here ON HIGH and PRECIOUS He is BEYOND WORDS to so MANY up here in Heaven. Precious beyond WORDS He is, like your OTHER SON Matthew as how he is named now and beyond NOT.

You DO your PATH and the REST is CAUSE and EFFECT . All comes BACK, to Those that DO not, the WILL of HEAVEN. I have NO SHAME. I am GOD HIMSELF as you ALL ALONG KNEW of her, MY MAGDALENE and you worked your SOUL to RUIN in MY NAME, and I have ADMIRED from then ON! You are a WORKER of GOD and HELL FORCE cannot TOUCH, for you are SO DEVOUT in your PRACTICE as I TAUGHT her back in Yanini (the name of the Planet Earth in pre-Atlantean days 8 Million years ago) and ABOVE (in the Heaven Realms meant). You shudder to THINK what comes to the REST I KNOW, but it is THEIR FAULT, not HERS. They would not LISTEN to her to GUIDE. Their FOOTSTEPS, went the WRONG PATH and listened NOT to her GUIDE ~ MYSELF.

THE AM has Watched, and ALL you are DOING and MUCH is MADE of her work now the REST, the TASK ~ is COMPLETED! ~ and HALLEUYAH for it! They KNOW not, of what WE SPEAK, and that will remain a SECRET for now, until it is TOLD in YOUR WORDS if you can ~ if you can BRING this ABOUT ~ if you have the STRENGTH of her to do ~ such HORROR to RELIVE for MY NAME. NO ONE DID what YOU ACHIEVED in the PAST; what YOU did in this LIFE and I SALUTE her, THE GOD IN HEAVEN. All Stars SHINE, but THIS one is BRIGHT, like NO OTHER SHONE! It is GLISTENING, in WAYS no OTHER can REACH as HER GIFT this Easter PASSOVER time. One came back to FRONT this year in their CALENDAR, those Jews of now. (LORD YESHUA is referring here to the Jewish Passover Festival taking place AFTER Good Friday this year, the day that LORD YESHUA our Nazarite Rabboni was murdered on the cross at Golgotha.)

NONE is unwatched in MY REALM! ALL SOULS are OBSERVED, as I was in GETHSEMANE, in MY TIME of LAW ABOVE up in FULL FLOW. I was CARRIED by the WINDS of GOD and now I am RISEN to the STARS and BEYOND. MY MAGDALENE will have GRACE upon her return to MY WORLD of HEAVEN, as NO OTHER. She EARNT, the HARDEST, TOUGHEST ROUTE, that any OTHER could WALK, but MYSELF, and even THEN, I DOUBT, I could have PASSED her POWER of DEDICATION to her TASK, her GOD set MISSION in MY LIFE and ACHIEVE beyond ALL DOUBT, of which LORD ARHURA (the former St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN and the legendary KING ARTHURE of Briton) has ALREADY SPOKEN in HIS Book (www.kingarthurespeaks.com) of ARA THE GOOD, the Peasant Mystic in MY NAME. WE work as a THREE ~ ARHURA, HER and I. WE are ONE in a sense ~ UNITED in SO MUCH through TIME, and MY MAGDALENE has EXCELLED in this Life BEYOND WORDS of DOUBT. NONE can SAY this, and LIVE, for I WATCH and COME, in THE SECOND COMING as is SAID and will NOT have DOUBTERS and FAKERS in MY LAND UP ABOVE on HIGH! That is a DEMAND, and I will not go BACK on this, what is SAID! I PERSECUTE, those DOUBTERS and FAKERS for ALL TIME!

The REST will have BLISS ~ utter PERFECTION of SOUL ~ utter HARMONY with LOVE of MY BEING, as YOU knew, 2,000 years agone in a LESSER state, than NOW. I, MAGDALENE, am your LOVE in NAME and HEART. Go SHARE MY KINGDOM with GRACE, and the REST will KNOW, I SPEAK the TRUTH of the LAW of GOD through your HEART what’s SAID. I am ONE WITH and no LAW in the LAND can STOP MY VOICE coming THROUGH her, as I WISH. You are a MEDIUM that grew IMMENSE in MY RIGHT and THE FATHER (LORD JEHOVAH) said MUCH through her, back in the PAST (in this Life and former past Lives referred to here). Your HAVEN, is MY HANDS. COME, and I will HOLD when You WANT, to REASSURE her, as MY GOD held MYSELF in the Garden of Gethsemane in those times of horror aback, of which I have NO WISH to REMEMBER.

NEVER DOUBT, the LOVE GOD HELD for the MAGDALENE. You saw HIS Life CHANGE, after WHAT you have done in your Life, and GOOD is HIS LIFE ever ONWARDS, now the PAST is FELL, and no more HAS it to HIS LIFE! Oh HALLELUYAH! HAPPY DAY! I SING for JOY at THAT and you ACHIEVED, MY Love of OLD! ~ A PAST PRAYER come TRUE. You are TRULY RISEN and I have MY DREAM FULFILLED! So PEACEFUL, has RETURNED to the SOUL of MY BEING. And now you KNOW the TRUTH ~ you and your FRIENDS of this COMMUNITY of ESSENE. I have RISEN her to MY NAME and LOVE her BEYOND WORDS, for what she DID in MY FATHER’S HOUSE up in the STARS and ABOVE.

MY HOUSE (in Heaven) is SHARED now with the RISEN. It is not ONE, with the FATHER GOD. MY MOTHER (THE DIVINE MOTHER of GOD/ THE EARTHLY MOTHER) NOT: SHE stays on EARTH. HER PRESENCE is WITH to the DEATH of this EARTH PLANET and will REMAIN through the BLACKEST AMOUNTS of HELL that COME to the REST that STAY here of CHOICE and FREEWILL of MEN. MY NAME is not IN Them, FOREVER, with what COMES, and BLASPHEME MUCH HER They will, for not SAVING Themselves in HER cause as time goes ON.

But MY LOVE is WITH, the RISEN FEW of MY HOUSE of the ESSENE ~ the NAZARENE’S CHILDREN ~ that KEPT MY LAWS and DUTIES to HER as OLDEN TIMES PROCLAIMED of GOD in Their HEARTS and WROTE WORD PERFECT in those SCROLLS of GOD and BEAUTIOUS, they are REMAINED in TEXT and VERB. MY ANGELS DANCE and SING, for EASTER is UP ABOVE, but ONLY the celebration of the RISEN is CELEBRATED, not the DEATH in MY Land UP ABOVE. You KNEW the DEFENCE I CAUSED to the HEARTS of MY FOLLOWERS and Their SOULS REMAINED in MY HEART EVER ONWARDS. This is the THING! I ATTACH to MYSELF what is MINE and leave the REST. I am MAGNETIC HEART. Heart LOVE is MAGNETIC. It PULLS and I DRAW to MYSELF the LOVERS so MUCH, that They remain NOT in the DENSE DARK PLACES of DEATH and DECAY of HELL FORCE REALMS. They LITERALLY DETACH! I Watch Them DETACH as They PING back to MYSELF in GLEE, as They Light UP Their STARS in Their SOULS. Heaven is LITTERED with TWINKLING STARS and MY CHASM to HOLD Them is MASSIVE, as NONE KNEW of EARTH in MY time, and NOW in fact. NONE shall PROCLAIM, there was no ROOM for him in MY HEART! That is not DONE! MY BEING is INCLUSIVE and ALL are WELCOME that have the Heart to REMAIN in MY LOVE. MY DREAM will be FULFILLED when They DO!. All Watch, but FEW return. They look to OTHER SORTS of entertainer, like computers and fitness of sports. Their SOULS matter NOT to Them, until it is TOO LATE.”

(AS I looked at LORD JESIAS/ LORD YESHUA Clairvoyantly, HE started to sadly shake HIS HEAD from side to side.)

“I have NEVER KNOWN, such a VAST CHASM in MY BEING as NOW. It is SAD, after ALL I DID in MY TIME in AVALON and LORD YESHUA’S DAY, and yet They WENT Their WAY, as the DEVIL TOOK, and now it is TOO LATE for MUCH. MY HEART BROKE that DAY of JUDGEMENT.

Let’s not be SAD! Now it is EASTER! The Chicks are RISING. The LAMBS are in the FIELDS. The HARVEST is coming in the GROUND, and MY NEW LOVE is RISEN! Oh STARS ABOVE, I am HAPPY for her, what she has GOT! She worked her TAIL off and now it is PROCLAIMED WORLD WIDE of her EFFORTS for MY GOD, THE CHRIST. HE STARES in WONDERMENT and never SAW a Human ACHIEVE. It sets a new RULE BOOK in place for HUMANITY.”

(What do you mean by that RABBONI?)

“What is ALLOWED and what is NOT. What ONE can DO, ALL can FOLLOW. FOLLOW THE MAGDALENE. Her is TRUE in MY RIGHT and I literally ADORE from here ON. NONE shall cause MORE PEACE in MY NAME ~ ABOVE, BEYOND, and in the STARS. HAPPINESS comes, to ALL who SEE her TEACH and PRACTICE her WAYS, and I GOVERN them UP ABOVE from EVER her AFTER. It is MY DOING, that CAUSED this IN her NOW and I LEAD her in MY FOOTSTEPS of SILVER-GOLD to MY FATHER’S HOUSE of MANY MANSIONS and ABOVE in CAMELOT are ARTHURE (PENDRAGON) would KNOW, her FATHER-GOD of THIS LIFE, her DAD, now proclaimed in the SPIRIT WORLD. MY GOD HE was MISSED when HE was with YOU! But HE is BACK and in FAVOUR with it all that is DONE, in MY HOUSE of the ESSENE. MY NAZARITES of GOD and how I LOVE!

PEACE be with you ALL MY Friends and adieu for now. GOD bless. I must AWAY for ANOTHER cause in MY WAY of now. Bless her and keep her STRONG. She is MORE PRECIOUS than you KNOW!”


YESHUA and Nun_aparicion-de-jesus-de-la-misericordia-a-samya-maria-faustina2

I have been LORD YESHUA’S permission to share some of LORD YESHUA’S communication with me this Good Friday.My mind had temporaily wandered back to the horrendous Crucifixion scenes of 2,000 years ago, try as I might to block them out from all memory, when LORD YESHUA said to me, “MY Life, was never the way that it was portrayed by much of this Planet. I am LIVING ~ ETERNAL ~ with CHRIST and BEYOND. I am where the doubters can NOR pervade. I am RISEN! I am NOT on that CROSS of THORNS. I WAS, but not NOW, I am half a league of time away from this.

Your skill is with. My thoughts are in her, as ONE……So risen few, make it so far as MY HOUSE on HIGH.”

I asked HIM then if HE had any message in particular that HE would like to share with HIS Narean Essene Community. HE replied, “Their hearts are in MY HANDS. I Love. Give them good wishes from here in Heaven where I reside. I am NOT on that CROSS that they portray time after time AGAIN! Let them REMEMBER, I am the LORD of LIFE and RESURRECTED in DOMINIONS up ABOVE and REALMS BEYOND BEAUTEOUS to DESCRIBE. LOVE, is ALL that MATTERS to her, MY ESSENE of the NAZARENE of MY DOING and THE AM..

Allow portions to come FORTH into the World of what I TEACH for the REST. You are MY INNER CIRCLE ~ you KNOW this ~ and DEAR GOD I LOVE her.”

LORD YESHUA then asked us all to unite and pray for HIM specifically at this time no matter where we currently live throughout this world.

Happy Passover festivities to you all. Peace be with you all from LORD YESHUA and I at this special time.to all Humanity.


Then today, Good Friday (having not got to bed as such as yet today, albeit technically yesterday now!), beloved LORD YESHUA came and spoke to me at some considerable length in The Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose here in my garden. Having channelled ten pages of teachings from HIM, HE delivered to me the best news I have ever heard in my entire existence! Since I was born, I have always hated with a passion Good Friday because of the horror I saw manifested as GOD’S Witness as The Magdalene take place in the final day of YESHUA’S life. It has ever remained with me, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I don’t think I will EVER be able to erase those sites from my Soul. I have always refused to work on Good Friday and while working in a very busy Operating Theatre one day, it almost cost me my job when I clashed with my Senior Sisters operating theatres work rota! She wanted the day off and I wasn’t prepared to work it! Any other day of the year yes, but not Good Friday. My mind always wandered back to those terrible memories and having to make split second possibly life saving decisions when your mind was not 100% on the job in hand was not my idea of safe practice, but how do you tell a complete athiest the Truth? You can’t! It would be easier to make a cup of tea in a chocolate teapot!! She refused to give it to me and so I had to take a compulsory ‘sick day’ that day for the good of all of my would have been patients that day. She never pulled that one on me again! GOD’S work has always come first to me and always will.

When I was about 18-20 years old approximately, GOD came to me and told me that I had been elected by HIM to walk the Path of Job in this my present life. It wasn’t a book of the Bible I was familiar with at that time, and having read it, determined my mind that no account was I going to walk THAT Path for anybody! It sounded sheer Hell, but sure enough, that one was taken totally out of my control and I have spent the last 40+ years walking it as GOD laid out before me in HIS NAME: and without mincing any words, “It WAS SHEER HELL!” When I was told I was going to live the life of the real Frodo Baggins in the now, I just laughed, but as those of you that have already read Part I of KING ARTHURE’S new autobiography released last May (2017), it happened as a part of this Spiritual Journey that was laid at my feet to tread!

Well today, I received my ultimate reward from LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA, my opportunity to live in HIS First Universe of GOD with HIM eternally when I pass back to the Spirit Realms. It is the most beautiful, most perfectly exquisite, most love infused Universe ever created by GOD, encircling the very GODHEAD itself. With its aquamarine coloured skies, Lily of the Valley fragranced ethers, and huge white Lilies adorning the landscape it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the highest accolade that can be bestowed by GOD upon one of HIS-HER Children to receive and I was told during my noon time Essene Holy Communions today that I had made the grade to finally earn my place there with YESHUA to reside after 40 million years of trying to receive this very very very rare privilege. I still can’t take in fully all HE said to me today. I think it will take me many weeks or months even, but all I can feel at this time is sheer deeply heart-felt gratitude and love for being taught from my Souls birth so long ago now, the ‘Essene Way of THE NAZARENE ~ LORD JESIAS/ dear YESHUA and my father LORD ARHURA/ KING ARTHURE that has brought me to this great place and Soul destination today. I can’t speak. It isn’t possible, I am so full of past memories from former lives that led me stage by stage to this final door of Heavenly delight.

Spirit City_2947c14b5302d2c0a9b96c5e8f7d06b4

Thank you to all of my friends and teachers that have been travelling throughout time in my Soul Group also. GOD always called me HIS “Scout” in this life, sniffing out the lost trails for others to then follow back to their eternal Happiness, Love and Infinite Peace. Having received this Divine Gift today, the Pot of Gold at the end of Life’s Rainbow, I know I chose all of those lost Heavenly Trails Wisely in order to lead others as I do now through this now international Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. I want you all to earn this eternally blissful right to Divine Joy, Inner Peace beyond words, and Divine Love off of the Richter scale for measuring. Never doubt what LORD JESIAS/ THE ESSENE RABBONI MASTER YESHUA Taught us all in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is ALL TRUE and THE MASTER of ALL MASTERS KNOWS what HE is talking about in HIS Teachings. I followed HIS Teachings to the letter, often to my death throughout the Ages of Man, and today I received its TREASURES, the RICHES of HEAVEN that are so PRICELESS, no man can measure their worth. I want you all dear friends of this Nazarite Community to earn the right yourselves to what I have received this day. For the first time in 2,000 years within MY life, Good Friday HAS TRULY BECOME a GOOD FRIDAY!

Peace be with you all!
Rev. Sister Dominic

The Spring Equinox Meditation Ceremony at Chalice well Gardens 2018

I went to join in with the Chalice Well Gardens monthly Wheel of the Year Meditation at the Spring Equinox at the Holy Red Spring that our beloved LORD YESHUA blessed here in Glastonbury 2,000 years ago, and as usual, the new owner caretakers of the Gardens didn’t mention HIS Divine Name once in their very pagan ceremony. Without LORD YESHUA, they wouldn’t be there doing what they are doing in theory caretaking HIS Divine Work in the now here in Avalon. “FATHER forgive them their sins, for they know not what they do,” is being directed into my mind at this time from the Higher Light Realms of Heaven. At least this very ancient Avalonian Nazarean Essene Order knows how to protect the MOTHER SPRING of all living Springs on this Planet that All may live, even if the Trustees of the Garden have forgotten!

After the very short Meditation had finished and the majority of the people there that day had left, I hung around the Well-Head and did what was required with the guardian White Angel of the Red Spring for GOD. A young Indian man with a very beautiful soul came and joined me and started to play the most beautiful metal singing bowl tones I have ever heard and I have heard a lot in my time. His singing bowl had the Flower or Star of Life symbol engraved on it and we worked together from opposite ends of the World to strengthen, purify and protect these JESIAM LIVING HEALING WATERS for the World. A bad start to the day there turned into a wonderful very high frequency one of GOD perfection in harmony with GOD’S ANGELS. Just bliss!


A Talk on the Life Walk of Grandmother Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’. 19th. March, 2018

Many of you have been asking me repeatedly over the years about how I learned my practical Spiritual Gifts in this life time that I share in my Nazarean Essene Workshops and international lectures around the World.

LORD YESHUA taught me MUCH 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land obviously as ‘The Magdalene’, and also my father the LORD ARHURA in the Spirit Realms for millions of years prior to that, that incarnated as ARA THE GOOD to prepare for the coming of CHRIST to Glastonbury by receiving the HOLY GRAIL on Chalice Hill here in Avalon; St. JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN, LORD YESHUA’S Great-Uncle; and the legendary KING ARTHURE.

Although LORD YESHUA and LORD ARHURA still continue to teach me now within DIVINE MOTHERS REALMS of Earth Spirit Medicine, I have have been extremely blessed to be taught by some first rate highly revered Traditional Native American Medicine Men and Women, and Spiritual Leaders: and by many other Traditional Elders from all over the Earth during my life and so I am going to share some of my Life Spirit Medicine Walk adventures with you all next month if you wish to come and walk in the shoes of LORD YESHUA’S ‘Magdalene.’

Please see the poster and flier for further details. Walk in the Peace and the Beauty of THE MASTER always.

Rev. Sister Dominic/ Grandmother ‘White Eagle Star’

Life Walk PosterLife Walk Flyer

My Friend Geshe Lama Ahbay’s Stay at this Centre Postponed. 19th. March, 2018

I had a telephone call last night from my friend Samhi to say that she had received a phone call from Geshe Lama Ahbay’s U.K. tour organiser to say that he would be unable to come now to stay with me here at the Living Waters Truth Centre for a few days in the second week of April now sadly. A booking had come in for his sacred teachings down in Bournemouth that was unknown to him at the time that he asked to come and stay here with Samhi and I in Glastonbury to give his Tibetan ancient teachings and so sadly, we have both had to cancel all of our plans that we had made for him until next year if he can squeeze another flying visit into England in his very busy schedule of international committments. I am sorry to have to let you all down in our Essene Community but this one is out of my hands.

The Tibetan Six Perfections & The Green & White Tara Protection Ceremonies


I went back to see Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche the following day last Sunday and listened to some of his Tibetan teachings on ‘The 6 Perfections’. He also performed his Green and White Tara protection ceremonies with the group which again was amazing. The Six Perfections of Humanity are:
1. Generosity
2. Ethics
3. Tolerance
4. Effort
5. Concentration
6. Wisdom

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An as additional coming together this year to our annual international Nazarean Essene Gathering and Garden Party in June, as a special honour to The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, my friend Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche has asked if he can come to this Spiritual Retreat Centre to share with us his superb and humourously delivered sacred ancient teachings and perform a special private blessing ceremony to our Nazarean Essene Community on Tuesday, 10th. April, 2018 here in Glastonbury as an extra event to his already hectic schedule all over the U.K. He will teach he says ‘The Six Perfections’ again and perform his extremely powerful ‘Healing Buddha Ceremony’ which I found very profound personally last weekend and so anybody not feeling 100% fit and healthy, this is a very special opportunity and heart-gifted very privileged event in which for you to partake. He has requested donations in the region of £15.00 to go towards the running of his monastery and the training of his novice student Monks.

Please telephone me on +44 (0) 1458 837801 or e-mail me at livingwaterstruthcentre@gmail.com to reserve your place as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, 11th. April, 2018, I have arranged with Samhi that runs The Positive Living Group in Glastonbury Town Hall, for Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche to teach his ‘How to Heal Anger’ teachings and to perform his ‘White and Green Tara’ protection ceremonies again. This event is open to the general public and will begin at 7.30 p.m.

About Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche

Lama Ahbay Tulku Jigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche was born in Darjeeling/India in 1973. In the Tibetan calendar the day of his birth is known as “The Auspicious Day with Ten Good Omens.” His father, Sonam Dorjee, and his mother, Lobsang Tseten, have two more children, his elder brother, Dondhup Paljor, and his younger sister, Tsering Tsomo.

In 1979, Khabche Zong Rinpoche visited the hill station of Darjeeling and gave profound instructions bringing happiness to everybody. His father prostrated to the feet of this great master with the wish to have the possibility for one of his sons to become a monk. Zong Rinpoche saw that it would be better to choose the younger of the two brothers to enter the monastery. In the same year the abbot of Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India gave him the name Jigme Phuntsok and he received the robes of a monk.

The venerable Geshe Khenrab Choedak of Hardong Khamtsen became his religious master and he began to learn to write and read Tibetan and to study Buddhist metaphysics according to the tradition. Geshe Sonam Choephel, Geshe Tenzin Dhakpa and Geshe Lobsang Choenyi were ordained as his additional masters.

When he was nine years old he was fully initiated into monkhood and the tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Khabche Ling Rinpoche gave him the name Thupten Tendar. When he was twelve, His Holiness the Dalai Lama identified him as the reincarnation of the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin. One year later he was enthroned as Tulku in Gaden Jangtse Monastery. There, at the age of seventeen, he was admitted to the congregational debate on the first chapter of Abhisamaya (Perfection of Wisdom), and six years later, to the congregational debate on Madhyamika (Middle Way). He studied Pharchen (Perfection of Wisdom) for six years, Uma (Middle Way) for three years.

From the age of twenty-five on he studied the Abidharma (Treasure of Knowledge) for three years followed by the Vinaya (Disciplines). These four major Buddhist texts, together with another text called Namdrel (Valid cognition), all are called Panchaparamita (Five major texts of Buddhist studies).

Lama Lobsang Tenzin (former reincarnation of Lama Ahbay Rinpoche)

The former reincarnation of Lama Ahbay Tulku Jigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche was the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin. He was born in the village known as Lunghna Shelkar in the family Lhundup Khangsar that is known to have brought forth many saints. He had two brothers, one was a monk and the other one a layman. His parents passed away early, and so Rinpoche lived in a sheltered cave, near his village, with one white donkey and one cow. He lived in this cave for a long time and it was his well known home. He pursued religious studies and by the time he attained 30 years once again he went to stay in that cave, to continue his practice and studies. In the near village, he became well known and famous for his supernatural powers. By that time animals of the near forest like deers and monkeys would come to him and people from all walks of life continuously received his blessings. Observing the pathetic situation of his life in a cave, the villagers constructed a monastery nearby, to accommodate 25 monks, to bring religion to flourish to its peak.

1959, the year of doomsday, the Chinese invaded Tibet and by the end of the same year, Geshe Lobsang Chomphal requested Rinpoche to escape to India. But he refused to follow this advice, as he did not want his follower and disciples to be left behind.
Instead he suggested and requested Geshe Lobsang Chomphal to leave for India and confirmed that he would follow him when urgency demanded it. For the time being, Rinpoche would be leaving to Lhasa and this information was to be kept strictly confidential.

The situation in Tibet deteriorated day by day, with the Chinese demolishing the previous monasteries and statues, torturing and killing everybody, monks and nuns mercilessly. In spite of all these tragedies happening around him, he managed to live in a small room for many years, preaching secretly and thus attained 80 years. The public honoured and paid full homage and respect to him until his last stages.

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Lama Ahbay Tulku Jiigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche Returned to Glastonbury Today. 17th. March, 2018

My friend Lama Ahbay Tulku Jiigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche returned to Glastonbury today to give some first rate Tibetan Buddhist teachings at the Healing Waters Retreat Centre here in town just up the road from here on a very damp chilly Winter’s day. I met him last year on the 17th. March, 2017 for the first time and we have stayed in touch since, having connected at a very deep level at the time Spiritually and Vibrationally, both walking in the very ancient Nazarean Essene Tradition of CHRIST in the modern day in our own lands. Almost all World religions have their source in the Essene Way and our sacred ancient teachings can be found within their sacred books and scrolls when you study them in depth. Both of us walking seriously in our Spiritual Paths Teaching the Eternal Paths of Peace to all Humanity, regardless of colour, creed or nation, for all of us are ONE.


Lama Ahbay Tulku Jiigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche was born in Darjeeling, India in 1973. When he was nine years old he was fully initiated into Monkhood and the tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Khabche Ling Rinpoche gave him the name Thupten Tendar. When he was twelve, His Holiness the Dalai Lama identified him as the reincarnation of the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin, who lived in a cave and was famous for his supernatural powers. One year later he was enthroned as Tulku in Gaden Jangtse Monastery.

As the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin, the animals of the forest, deer and monkeys would come to him and people from all walks of life would seek him out for blessing. Lama Lobsang Tenzin was the founder of the Yega Choling Monastery in Tibet. At present Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche has full responsibility of Yega Choling Monastery and all of its Monks.

Ahbay Rinpoche had come straight to England to begin his U.K. teaching tour and share some of his life’s journey and Buddhist Path this afternoon and evening. On the 5th. January, 2018, he was given personal one to one teaching by His Holiness the 83 year old Dalai Lama to share with the world and those of his Monastery.

His Tibetan Buddhist teachings were totally captivating, deeply profound, very healing, and delivered in great happiness and fun by him to the large group gathered in the yurt. One teaching he gave was about two people standing in the Ocean. One was in great difficulty and struggling in the water. The other was absolutely fine, enjoying the sensation and teachings that it was bringing. He then looked at us and asked us how one person would attempt to help and rescue the other in difficulty? He replied, “By getting out of the water yourself safely onto the Shore. You help them by loving yourself first. When you are standing on the Shore and you have found the Power of Divine Love to Heal yourself, you then have acquired the Divine Wisdom and Power to help the person struggling in difficulties in the Waters of Life to save themself.” As LORD YESHUA commanded to St. Luke HIS Doctor and Disciple 2,000 years ago, “Physician Heal Thyself.” (The Gospel According to St. Luke 4: 23.) Only then could He then Heal His patients properly coming to Him with medical difficulties that were going under still swimming or drowning in the Currents of Life.

In the photograph here with him, I am wearing a Tibetan good luck scarf that he placed around my neck during the evening.

Peace be with you.
Rev. Sister Dominic