A Talk on the Life Walk of Grandmother Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’. 19th. March, 2018

Many of you have been asking me repeatedly over the years about how I learned my practical Spiritual Gifts in this life time that I share in my Nazarean Essene Workshops and international lectures around the World.

LORD YESHUA taught me MUCH 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land obviously as ‘The Magdalene’, and also my father the LORD ARHURA in the Spirit Realms for millions of years prior to that, that incarnated as ARA THE GOOD to prepare for the coming of CHRIST to Glastonbury by receiving the HOLY GRAIL on Chalice Hill here in Avalon; St. JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN, LORD YESHUA’S Great-Uncle; and the legendary KING ARTHURE.

Although LORD YESHUA and LORD ARHURA still continue to teach me now within DIVINE MOTHERS REALMS of Earth Spirit Medicine, I have have been extremely blessed to be taught by some first rate highly revered Traditional Native American Medicine Men and Women, and Spiritual Leaders: and by many other Traditional Elders from all over the Earth during my life and so I am going to share some of my Life Spirit Medicine Walk adventures with you all next month if you wish to come and walk in the shoes of LORD YESHUA’S ‘Magdalene.’

Please see the poster and flier for further details. Walk in the Peace and the Beauty of THE MASTER always.

Rev. Sister Dominic/ Grandmother ‘White Eagle Star’

Life Walk PosterLife Walk Flyer

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