Then today, Good Friday (having not got to bed as such as yet today, albeit technically yesterday now!), beloved LORD YESHUA came and spoke to me at some considerable length in The Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose here in my garden. Having channelled ten pages of teachings from HIM, HE delivered to me the best news I have ever heard in my entire existence! Since I was born, I have always hated with a passion Good Friday because of the horror I saw manifested as GOD’S Witness as The Magdalene take place in the final day of YESHUA’S life. It has ever remained with me, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I don’t think I will EVER be able to erase those sites from my Soul. I have always refused to work on Good Friday and while working in a very busy Operating Theatre one day, it almost cost me my job when I clashed with my Senior Sisters operating theatres work rota! She wanted the day off and I wasn’t prepared to work it! Any other day of the year yes, but not Good Friday. My mind always wandered back to those terrible memories and having to make split second possibly life saving decisions when your mind was not 100% on the job in hand was not my idea of safe practice, but how do you tell a complete athiest the Truth? You can’t! It would be easier to make a cup of tea in a chocolate teapot!! She refused to give it to me and so I had to take a compulsory ‘sick day’ that day for the good of all of my would have been patients that day. She never pulled that one on me again! GOD’S work has always come first to me and always will.

When I was about 18-20 years old approximately, GOD came to me and told me that I had been elected by HIM to walk the Path of Job in this my present life. It wasn’t a book of the Bible I was familiar with at that time, and having read it, determined my mind that no account was I going to walk THAT Path for anybody! It sounded sheer Hell, but sure enough, that one was taken totally out of my control and I have spent the last 40+ years walking it as GOD laid out before me in HIS NAME: and without mincing any words, “It WAS SHEER HELL!” When I was told I was going to live the life of the real Frodo Baggins in the now, I just laughed, but as those of you that have already read Part I of KING ARTHURE’S new autobiography released last May (2017), it happened as a part of this Spiritual Journey that was laid at my feet to tread!

Well today, I received my ultimate reward from LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA, my opportunity to live in HIS First Universe of GOD with HIM eternally when I pass back to the Spirit Realms. It is the most beautiful, most perfectly exquisite, most love infused Universe ever created by GOD, encircling the very GODHEAD itself. With its aquamarine coloured skies, Lily of the Valley fragranced ethers, and huge white Lilies adorning the landscape it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the highest accolade that can be bestowed by GOD upon one of HIS-HER Children to receive and I was told during my noon time Essene Holy Communions today that I had made the grade to finally earn my place there with YESHUA to reside after 40 million years of trying to receive this very very very rare privilege. I still can’t take in fully all HE said to me today. I think it will take me many weeks or months even, but all I can feel at this time is sheer deeply heart-felt gratitude and love for being taught from my Souls birth so long ago now, the ‘Essene Way of THE NAZARENE ~ LORD JESIAS/ dear YESHUA and my father LORD ARHURA/ KING ARTHURE that has brought me to this great place and Soul destination today. I can’t speak. It isn’t possible, I am so full of past memories from former lives that led me stage by stage to this final door of Heavenly delight.

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Thank you to all of my friends and teachers that have been travelling throughout time in my Soul Group also. GOD always called me HIS “Scout” in this life, sniffing out the lost trails for others to then follow back to their eternal Happiness, Love and Infinite Peace. Having received this Divine Gift today, the Pot of Gold at the end of Life’s Rainbow, I know I chose all of those lost Heavenly Trails Wisely in order to lead others as I do now through this now international Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. I want you all to earn this eternally blissful right to Divine Joy, Inner Peace beyond words, and Divine Love off of the Richter scale for measuring. Never doubt what LORD JESIAS/ THE ESSENE RABBONI MASTER YESHUA Taught us all in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is ALL TRUE and THE MASTER of ALL MASTERS KNOWS what HE is talking about in HIS Teachings. I followed HIS Teachings to the letter, often to my death throughout the Ages of Man, and today I received its TREASURES, the RICHES of HEAVEN that are so PRICELESS, no man can measure their worth. I want you all dear friends of this Nazarite Community to earn the right yourselves to what I have received this day. For the first time in 2,000 years within MY life, Good Friday HAS TRULY BECOME a GOOD FRIDAY!

Peace be with you all!
Rev. Sister Dominic

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