LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S Easter Sunday Address  to Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ ~ ‘The Magdalene’, of  The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Avalon), and the  World Beyond Given in The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose, Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K..  1st. April, 2018. (12:40 p.m. – 2:25 p.m.)

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“You’re HERE and that is NOW, to LISTEN to MY Words of GRACE and LOVE. The People ARE LISTENING! It is MY Watch, to SHARE this. Some SAY not, but They OBSERVE. What can be done by ONE can be done by OTHERS! I TOO have WATCHED and said NOTHING at times and it is a WISE DECISION in parts of Life. I was observed MUCH and out MY GRACE FLEW! It was SWALLOWED by MUCH and many flew AWAY. They couldn’t TAKE. Too MUCH for Their SENSES, the LOVE of MY BEING, of GOD, in a PLACE that They had NOT in Their Lives and want. They couldn’t TAKE and FLED, for that REMEMBRANCE!

So LOVING is MY TASK that COMES. I am a DIFFERENT BEING, now I am ONE with the FATHER (LORD JEHOVAH). HE HEARD MY PRAYER in the Garden of Gethsemane and SPOKE Through MY VOICE to those Guards. They TREMBLED and FLED in a sense and yet Their DUTY was to GOD. They had to REMEMBER who HE WAS, They ARRESTED. It caused PANIC in Their HEARTS as I WATCHED in MY STRESS, of what was COME. I never knew TIRE until that MOMENT.

MY Life was FILLED with FUN, TEACHING the PRAYERS of HEAVEN, and yet that is ANOTHER COURSE now. I was wicked NOT as some have SAID in MY observance. I CONDEMN Them and that is sad. MY HEART BREAKS to DO and yet THE SECOND COMING is APPROACH and You KNOW this and I LOVE her. All that COMES, is MY RISEN SELF. A PRESENCE UNKNOWN to her and row (argue meant here) the REST. They can SQUABBLE all They LIKE, but MY PRSENCE will not be WITH! I am DONE with it! They were CALLED and They ANSWERED not. I was NOT the CAUSE but THEM of Their ARREST by DEATH (the Devil’s Hell Forces meant here) that is APPROACH. The DEATH FORCE is MEANT by that word. YOU know, but the others might NOT that READ this article on her website on her Facebook image to the World.

WE are ONE, THE SON and her, MY MAGDALENE. WE have NEVER REGRETTED what WE did THEN and NOW. Her Life FLEW, after MY complete DISTRESS and RESURRECTED ALL I TAUGHT, and now she DOES this in THIS Life in MY NAME, and I Love her to BITS! No OTHER does this as MY ANGEL, MY SERAPHIM of her UP ABOVE. You KNOW this, but the others NOT! Her legs are HUMAN at this time and not with WINGS as WE MADE for this Life to ENTER unnoticed, to do her WORK and Mission of HEAVEN. No OTHER could have DONE this, but her, and WE said, “Not possible!”, and then, she was disturbed MUCH, and DID to OUR AMAZEMENT and CONGRATULATORY FORCES. No OTHER, was so PROUD to DO in MY NAME, and lie NOT of her UP ABOVE, as down BELOW is done in scorn and blaspheming of MY HEAVEN. MY Heavens WORK, is sent with a MISSION, and she ACHIEVED in MY NAME, as no OTHER has DONE, in the HISTORY of TIME and BEYOND, and can NEVER be done AGAIN! I have shut the DOOR on it, for the BETTERMENT of ALL that is, and Heaven RESTS, for EVER ONWARDS. MY PEACE is COME at LAST, through one MAGDALENE CHILDS EFFORTS in this Life, and further BACK in MY TIME in Genneseret, that time of MY HAPPY PEACE. I LOVED that place, with ALL MY HEART, as HER does TOO as I Watch. Her time in Meditation goes there and sits on those Banks, those Shores of Time of the past when I walked with her and MY Loved ones of the Day.

MY DISCIPLES were with. Matthew, her present Grace and son Luke. THADDEAUS he was Matthew. Now both gazing at the dark, although one is making EFFORTS to RETURN. I Watch and PULL with all the strings I CAN to get his Heart BACK, but the other is LOST I feel for now. I WILL, but he NOT and will to DEATH come, unless he CHANGE and FAST! I have no Time left now for WISHING. It is DONE! MY Crew are ABOARD and HEAVEN is CASCADING to the LIGHT for POWER for this EVENT. So now you KNOW, how CLOSE it is her DECISION, to pull BACK STUART! His LIFE is in MY HANDS NOT at this Time, and he must be ARRESTED, or CLOSE his SOUL with the REST that choose to follow GOD NOT. Allow him NOT to FAIL. He is WISHED, MORE than he KNOWS! I LOVE him to BITS. He is MY MASTER HEALER and MEDICINE WORKER here in the HEAVEN REALMS of the 8th. PLANE of GOD up here ON HIGH and PRECIOUS He is BEYOND WORDS to so MANY up here in Heaven. Precious beyond WORDS He is, like your OTHER SON Matthew as how he is named now and beyond NOT.

You DO your PATH and the REST is CAUSE and EFFECT . All comes BACK, to Those that DO not, the WILL of HEAVEN. I have NO SHAME. I am GOD HIMSELF as you ALL ALONG KNEW of her, MY MAGDALENE and you worked your SOUL to RUIN in MY NAME, and I have ADMIRED from then ON! You are a WORKER of GOD and HELL FORCE cannot TOUCH, for you are SO DEVOUT in your PRACTICE as I TAUGHT her back in Yanini (the name of the Planet Earth in pre-Atlantean days 8 Million years ago) and ABOVE (in the Heaven Realms meant). You shudder to THINK what comes to the REST I KNOW, but it is THEIR FAULT, not HERS. They would not LISTEN to her to GUIDE. Their FOOTSTEPS, went the WRONG PATH and listened NOT to her GUIDE ~ MYSELF.

THE AM has Watched, and ALL you are DOING and MUCH is MADE of her work now the REST, the TASK ~ is COMPLETED! ~ and HALLEUYAH for it! They KNOW not, of what WE SPEAK, and that will remain a SECRET for now, until it is TOLD in YOUR WORDS if you can ~ if you can BRING this ABOUT ~ if you have the STRENGTH of her to do ~ such HORROR to RELIVE for MY NAME. NO ONE DID what YOU ACHIEVED in the PAST; what YOU did in this LIFE and I SALUTE her, THE GOD IN HEAVEN. All Stars SHINE, but THIS one is BRIGHT, like NO OTHER SHONE! It is GLISTENING, in WAYS no OTHER can REACH as HER GIFT this Easter PASSOVER time. One came back to FRONT this year in their CALENDAR, those Jews of now. (LORD YESHUA is referring here to the Jewish Passover Festival taking place AFTER Good Friday this year, the day that LORD YESHUA our Nazarite Rabboni was murdered on the cross at Golgotha.)

NONE is unwatched in MY REALM! ALL SOULS are OBSERVED, as I was in GETHSEMANE, in MY TIME of LAW ABOVE up in FULL FLOW. I was CARRIED by the WINDS of GOD and now I am RISEN to the STARS and BEYOND. MY MAGDALENE will have GRACE upon her return to MY WORLD of HEAVEN, as NO OTHER. She EARNT, the HARDEST, TOUGHEST ROUTE, that any OTHER could WALK, but MYSELF, and even THEN, I DOUBT, I could have PASSED her POWER of DEDICATION to her TASK, her GOD set MISSION in MY LIFE and ACHIEVE beyond ALL DOUBT, of which LORD ARHURA (the former St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN and the legendary KING ARTHURE of Briton) has ALREADY SPOKEN in HIS Book (www.kingarthurespeaks.com) of ARA THE GOOD, the Peasant Mystic in MY NAME. WE work as a THREE ~ ARHURA, HER and I. WE are ONE in a sense ~ UNITED in SO MUCH through TIME, and MY MAGDALENE has EXCELLED in this Life BEYOND WORDS of DOUBT. NONE can SAY this, and LIVE, for I WATCH and COME, in THE SECOND COMING as is SAID and will NOT have DOUBTERS and FAKERS in MY LAND UP ABOVE on HIGH! That is a DEMAND, and I will not go BACK on this, what is SAID! I PERSECUTE, those DOUBTERS and FAKERS for ALL TIME!

The REST will have BLISS ~ utter PERFECTION of SOUL ~ utter HARMONY with LOVE of MY BEING, as YOU knew, 2,000 years agone in a LESSER state, than NOW. I, MAGDALENE, am your LOVE in NAME and HEART. Go SHARE MY KINGDOM with GRACE, and the REST will KNOW, I SPEAK the TRUTH of the LAW of GOD through your HEART what’s SAID. I am ONE WITH and no LAW in the LAND can STOP MY VOICE coming THROUGH her, as I WISH. You are a MEDIUM that grew IMMENSE in MY RIGHT and THE FATHER (LORD JEHOVAH) said MUCH through her, back in the PAST (in this Life and former past Lives referred to here). Your HAVEN, is MY HANDS. COME, and I will HOLD when You WANT, to REASSURE her, as MY GOD held MYSELF in the Garden of Gethsemane in those times of horror aback, of which I have NO WISH to REMEMBER.

NEVER DOUBT, the LOVE GOD HELD for the MAGDALENE. You saw HIS Life CHANGE, after WHAT you have done in your Life, and GOOD is HIS LIFE ever ONWARDS, now the PAST is FELL, and no more HAS it to HIS LIFE! Oh HALLELUYAH! HAPPY DAY! I SING for JOY at THAT and you ACHIEVED, MY Love of OLD! ~ A PAST PRAYER come TRUE. You are TRULY RISEN and I have MY DREAM FULFILLED! So PEACEFUL, has RETURNED to the SOUL of MY BEING. And now you KNOW the TRUTH ~ you and your FRIENDS of this COMMUNITY of ESSENE. I have RISEN her to MY NAME and LOVE her BEYOND WORDS, for what she DID in MY FATHER’S HOUSE up in the STARS and ABOVE.

MY HOUSE (in Heaven) is SHARED now with the RISEN. It is not ONE, with the FATHER GOD. MY MOTHER (THE DIVINE MOTHER of GOD/ THE EARTHLY MOTHER) NOT: SHE stays on EARTH. HER PRESENCE is WITH to the DEATH of this EARTH PLANET and will REMAIN through the BLACKEST AMOUNTS of HELL that COME to the REST that STAY here of CHOICE and FREEWILL of MEN. MY NAME is not IN Them, FOREVER, with what COMES, and BLASPHEME MUCH HER They will, for not SAVING Themselves in HER cause as time goes ON.

But MY LOVE is WITH, the RISEN FEW of MY HOUSE of the ESSENE ~ the NAZARENE’S CHILDREN ~ that KEPT MY LAWS and DUTIES to HER as OLDEN TIMES PROCLAIMED of GOD in Their HEARTS and WROTE WORD PERFECT in those SCROLLS of GOD and BEAUTIOUS, they are REMAINED in TEXT and VERB. MY ANGELS DANCE and SING, for EASTER is UP ABOVE, but ONLY the celebration of the RISEN is CELEBRATED, not the DEATH in MY Land UP ABOVE. You KNEW the DEFENCE I CAUSED to the HEARTS of MY FOLLOWERS and Their SOULS REMAINED in MY HEART EVER ONWARDS. This is the THING! I ATTACH to MYSELF what is MINE and leave the REST. I am MAGNETIC HEART. Heart LOVE is MAGNETIC. It PULLS and I DRAW to MYSELF the LOVERS so MUCH, that They remain NOT in the DENSE DARK PLACES of DEATH and DECAY of HELL FORCE REALMS. They LITERALLY DETACH! I Watch Them DETACH as They PING back to MYSELF in GLEE, as They Light UP Their STARS in Their SOULS. Heaven is LITTERED with TWINKLING STARS and MY CHASM to HOLD Them is MASSIVE, as NONE KNEW of EARTH in MY time, and NOW in fact. NONE shall PROCLAIM, there was no ROOM for him in MY HEART! That is not DONE! MY BEING is INCLUSIVE and ALL are WELCOME that have the Heart to REMAIN in MY LOVE. MY DREAM will be FULFILLED when They DO!. All Watch, but FEW return. They look to OTHER SORTS of entertainer, like computers and fitness of sports. Their SOULS matter NOT to Them, until it is TOO LATE.”

(AS I looked at LORD JESIAS/ LORD YESHUA Clairvoyantly, HE started to sadly shake HIS HEAD from side to side.)

“I have NEVER KNOWN, such a VAST CHASM in MY BEING as NOW. It is SAD, after ALL I DID in MY TIME in AVALON and LORD YESHUA’S DAY, and yet They WENT Their WAY, as the DEVIL TOOK, and now it is TOO LATE for MUCH. MY HEART BROKE that DAY of JUDGEMENT.

Let’s not be SAD! Now it is EASTER! The Chicks are RISING. The LAMBS are in the FIELDS. The HARVEST is coming in the GROUND, and MY NEW LOVE is RISEN! Oh STARS ABOVE, I am HAPPY for her, what she has GOT! She worked her TAIL off and now it is PROCLAIMED WORLD WIDE of her EFFORTS for MY GOD, THE CHRIST. HE STARES in WONDERMENT and never SAW a Human ACHIEVE. It sets a new RULE BOOK in place for HUMANITY.”

(What do you mean by that RABBONI?)

“What is ALLOWED and what is NOT. What ONE can DO, ALL can FOLLOW. FOLLOW THE MAGDALENE. Her is TRUE in MY RIGHT and I literally ADORE from here ON. NONE shall cause MORE PEACE in MY NAME ~ ABOVE, BEYOND, and in the STARS. HAPPINESS comes, to ALL who SEE her TEACH and PRACTICE her WAYS, and I GOVERN them UP ABOVE from EVER her AFTER. It is MY DOING, that CAUSED this IN her NOW and I LEAD her in MY FOOTSTEPS of SILVER-GOLD to MY FATHER’S HOUSE of MANY MANSIONS and ABOVE in CAMELOT are ARTHURE (PENDRAGON) would KNOW, her FATHER-GOD of THIS LIFE, her DAD, now proclaimed in the SPIRIT WORLD. MY GOD HE was MISSED when HE was with YOU! But HE is BACK and in FAVOUR with it all that is DONE, in MY HOUSE of the ESSENE. MY NAZARITES of GOD and how I LOVE!

PEACE be with you ALL MY Friends and adieu for now. GOD bless. I must AWAY for ANOTHER cause in MY WAY of now. Bless her and keep her STRONG. She is MORE PRECIOUS than you KNOW!”

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