My Friend Geshe Lama Ahbay’s Stay at this Centre Postponed. 19th. March, 2018

I had a telephone call last night from my friend Samhi to say that she had received a phone call from Geshe Lama Ahbay’s U.K. tour organiser to say that he would be unable to come now to stay with me here at the Living Waters Truth Centre for a few days in the second week of April now sadly. A booking had come in for his sacred teachings down in Bournemouth that was unknown to him at the time that he asked to come and stay here with Samhi and I in Glastonbury to give his Tibetan ancient teachings and so sadly, we have both had to cancel all of our plans that we had made for him until next year if he can squeeze another flying visit into England in his very busy schedule of international committments. I am sorry to have to let you all down in our Essene Community but this one is out of my hands.

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