The Spring Equinox Meditation Ceremony at Chalice well Gardens 2018

I went to join in with the Chalice Well Gardens monthly Wheel of the Year Meditation at the Spring Equinox at the Holy Red Spring that our beloved LORD YESHUA blessed here in Glastonbury 2,000 years ago, and as usual, the new owner caretakers of the Gardens didn’t mention HIS Divine Name once in their very pagan ceremony. Without LORD YESHUA, they wouldn’t be there doing what they are doing in theory caretaking HIS Divine Work in the now here in Avalon. “FATHER forgive them their sins, for they know not what they do,” is being directed into my mind at this time from the Higher Light Realms of Heaven. At least this very ancient Avalonian Nazarean Essene Order knows how to protect the MOTHER SPRING of all living Springs on this Planet that All may live, even if the Trustees of the Garden have forgotten!

After the very short Meditation had finished and the majority of the people there that day had left, I hung around the Well-Head and did what was required with the guardian White Angel of the Red Spring for GOD. A young Indian man with a very beautiful soul came and joined me and started to play the most beautiful metal singing bowl tones I have ever heard and I have heard a lot in my time. His singing bowl had the Flower or Star of Life symbol engraved on it and we worked together from opposite ends of the World to strengthen, purify and protect these JESIAM LIVING HEALING WATERS for the World. A bad start to the day there turned into a wonderful very high frequency one of GOD perfection in harmony with GOD’S ANGELS. Just bliss!


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