Calling all Spiritual GOD-Loving Philanthropists for Daniel The Prophets Prophecy Work Recorded in The Book of Daniel 12:4 Now for THE LORD FRANCHALAH/ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. 8th. April, 2018

Calling all Spiritual GOD-Loving Philanthropists for Daniel The Prophets Prophecy Work Recorded in The Book of Daniel 12:4 Now for THE LORD FRANCHALAH/ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL

I spent another five hours in Glastonbury Abbey channelling more absolutely fascinating information about LORD YESHUA’S life in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago from one of HIS Disciples. The VIRGIN MARY had been listening in to all that had been recounted to me by Him yesterday afternoon and was too full to speak Herself to me as She usually does because He had given me 20 pages of gory very descriptive script about the last few days of LORD YESHUA’S life. I

Virgin Mary YESHUA and Angels

had to stop several times downloading it to collect myself back together and for tears rolling fast down my face in remembrance of the barbaric atrocities done to HIM, THE MASTER and SON of GOD. She managed to convey to our LORD’S Disciple dictating me His Gospel at this time that She wished me to write another Divine Book for Her when I have finished this very large Disciples Gospel that I am working on now and KING ARTHURE’S Autobiography Part 2 to finished. I am also trying to write my own Autobiography of the Magdalene as well in my spare time that very rarely ever exists these days.

This has left me with a real dilemma, as to how to pay for the publication of all these Divine long Prophesied Books of GOD now directed for me to manifest into our world at this time as a part of the LORD FRANCHALAH’S/ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S commandment to my soul-half Daniel the Prophet regarding the apocalpse events now taking place in these End Times.

“But you, Daniel, keep this message a secret. You must close the book and keep this secret until the time of the end. Many people will go here and there looking for true knowledge, and the true knowledge will increase.”
(The Old Testament of the Bible. The Book of Daniel 12:4.)

Daniel the Prophet in the Lions Den_90721d873f45b753e172f4c0deab4ff3Daniel the Prophet With Scroll

On the 24th. December, 1998, the beautiful LORD FRANCHALAH appeared to me again and instructed me to “Re-open the Book” that had been sealed for nearly 2,600 years by Daniel the Prophet and said,

“”The ANGEL GABRIEL is here ~ Your Pen will Write the ‘Story of CHRIST’. The Chronicles of GOD.”

Six weeks and four days later, I had channelled my first thousand page manuscript of pure Divine Truth from the GODHEAD and Volume I. of this series of manuscripts hit the Earth in fulfillment of LORD FRANCHALAH’S ancient Prophecy back then. That was called ‘Listening With Light. The Gospel of GOD’, a Spiritual Development, Safe Inter-Dimensional Practice and Meditation Book for GOD. Volume II. was our Nazarean Essene Holy Communions Prayer Booklet with LORD YESHUA’S Teachings in, and Volume III. was Part I of KING ARTHURE’S famous and legendary U.K. Essene autobiography and the true story of what happened when HE received THE HOLY GRAIL from the LORD FRANCHALAH/ GABRIEL and LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA on Chalice Hill here in Glastonbury, on the Isle of Avalon, published last May 2017.

I am still paying for KING ARTHURE’S first publication last year and these Apocalptical Revelatory manuscripts and Divine Doctrines are starting to line up for publishing that Humanity have been waiting for to receive for over two and a half millennia now. If anybody has anygood sound ideas in our Community of how to find the money to publish these GOD WILLED DIVINE TEACHINGS, please contact Rev. Sister Dominic as soon as possible so I can get the ball rolling for both Heaven and Earth and fulfill the LORD FRANCHALAH’S PROPHECY now as I am so directed. I have tried Crowdfunding and it just didn’t work with this Heavenly project of Human Enlightenment. Does anybody know any Spiritual GOD-Loving Philanthropists that wishes to help Mary Magdalene now?

I am avaialble to run weekend and week long teaching workshop bookings from now until the 26th. May 2018 and from the 14th. November, 2018 – 27th. May, 2019 at the moment if anybody would like me to come along to teach you and your group..I can teachgroups on the Nazarean Essenes, Native American and Essene Spirit Medicine, and Spiritual Development Training.

Many thanks everyone and peace be with you all where ever you are at this time. x

Please contact me for further details at or telephone me at this Essene Centre on +44 (0) 1458 837801


‘Apocalyse’ means spiritually, ‘the time of Wisdom’. That is what my Life’s Work for GOD is about now, to reveal what was sealed up 2,600 years ago in the LORD FRANCHALAH’S / ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S Prophecy Scroll to my soul-half Daniel the Prophet and it is wonderful and fantastic work to be thoroughly absorbed into for the World. Thank you GOD for this blessing into my Life!

Now all I need is the funds to get all these all sacred ancient scrolls safely published unadulerated back into the World for all Humankind to study! Help!

Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’

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