I don’t know where to start so much has happened here and Universally since I put up my last post!

On the 13th. April, 2018, I gave my Native American Indian talk about my life experiences lived with them for over 40 years. That was well received and attended and Samhi from the Positive Living group in town came along by surprise and filmed it all and so that will be appearing for you in a few weeks when I receive the video from her. Everyone went away with a lot to think about and their minds stretched in many wonderful ways regarding the reality of the Spirit Realms of our beautiful HEAVENLY FATHER-MOTHER-SON.

20180413_224400A Swedish lady from the States came and afterwards insisted that I came to Minniapolis in Minnesota in July to share my Spirit Wisdom Teachings in her homeland also. Things have been moving at a fast pace ever since and having heard about me, the Native American Indian Spiritual Elders have invited me to attend and help lead their New Fire Ceremony from the 21st. – 26th. July, 2018, with Spiritual Elders from all over North and South America. They have also very kindly paid for my flight ticket to get to the Indian Gathering. A wonderful surprise, especially since it is high season and the flight tickets are ridiculously expensive! Something to really look forward to soon, but plenty of Spirit Medicine preparation work to prepare in the mean time for LORD YESHUA and the EARTHLY MOTHER!

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