For a few years now, I have been very aware of THE SECOND COMING of CHRIST getting closer and closer and closer, until it was palpable! Then on the 20th. April, 2018, I asked LORD YESHUA Ha MASSIACH/ THE CHRIST if it was imminent, the fulfilling of this long foretold Prophecy.

I was told by HIM, “It is UPON. CLOSER than you KNOW! Just LOVE ~ ADORE ~ PRAISE GOD.”

Shortly after this, I was given a Spiritual Vision of LORD YESHUA/ LORD JESIAS as HE is known in the Heavenly Kingdom travelling quite literally into a dazzlingly bright and beautiful rich golden coloured sun followed by all of the Heavenly Host of GOD. When I asked where HE was going, I was told that, “HE was going to EMPOWER HIMSELF.”

On the 22nd. April, 2018, I was led to this YouTube clip.

Then during the very late evening early morning of the 12th-13th. April during my evening meditation practice session, I received a life changing vision. I saw clairvoyantly LORD YESHUA/JESIAS step out of that very same huge spiritual golden sun with HIS long chestnut wavy brown hair as I always remember HIM with as HIS ‘Magdalene’ back then, wearing HIS long brilliantly white coloured long flowing robes as my NAZAREAN ESSENE RABBONI of old. The dazzling ball of golden flames of the sun became HIS Auric Field and the Spiritual Sun was totally surrounded by very powerful pure white Heavenly Cumulus Clouds. HE was just standing there floating very high in the Sky surrounded by all the Glory of Heaven, a Spiritual Vision, I will NEVER FORGET of HIM!

Part2_Picture021copy[Jesias Close Up rework]

“But he was silent, and he did not answer him anything. And again, The High Priest asked him and said, “Are you The Messiah, The Son of The Blessed One?”
But Yeshua said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, and you shall behold The Son of Man sitting at the right hand of Power and coming on the Clouds of Heaven.”

(The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. St. Mark 14:61-2.)

Then on the 13th. May, 2018, LORD YESHUA/ JESIAS came to me in my Prayer time and said, ” THE SECOND COMING IS. UPON!” it had literally arrived in our World in all ITS GLORY as long prophesied.

Behold, HE is coming in the Clouds, and every eye will see HIM, even those that pierced HIM, and all tribes of the Earth will wail on account of HIM. Even so. Amen.

(LORD YESHUA to St. John.

The Revelation According to St. John 1:7.)

Many of you that have followed my CHRIST Teachings all of these years may be feeling a little bit unwell at this time as a result, suffering a Muzzy Head and Dizziness Feelings, Headaches, Nausea or Diarrhoea. This is nothing to worry about and will all settle down soon I am told. Those light workers that were lucky enough to have their names written in the Book of Life at Judgement Day on the 24th. July, 2010 are currently being “Risen” and are “Changing Dimensions” I am told and bliss awaits us as our Souls are being blended more closely with that of THE MASTER YESHUA/ JESIAS. Those Beings that don’t make it through in the first wave of being risen Souls, will have a second shot at it if they can clear their karma left outstanding at this present time during the time they have left to them in this present incarnation so don’t hang around folks if you feel that you haven’t made it in the first wave of CHRIST’S Folk being gathered. Get WORKING, SERIOUSLY WORKING NOW!

I was then told again that “You travel all OVER the place for GOD. You are MY MAITREYA.”

He never said a truer word. Minnesota here I come!

Blessings and congratulations hopefully to you all with much love and happiness from Maitreya Grace White Star.

x x

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