LORD YESHUA Has Gathered In HIS Selected Obedient Flock Now as a Part of HIS SECOND COMING Currently Taking Place ~ 24th. May, 2018

In the Noontime Holy Communions today, LORD YESHUA/ JESIAS said to me, “I have gathered in MY Flock, all that I was.” Since this ‘Gathering in’ process began, I have lost two and a half stone in weight personally and felt exceptionally tired. I asked HIM again what HE was doing to HIS chosen ‘HOLY LAW Keepers’? HE replied, “You are being TRANSITIONED!”
I spoke to one of our group up in the Midlands tonight and she too has been feeling the symptoms LORD YESHUA told us to expect at this time. HE then told me that my transitioning process was about four-fifths complete, so hang in there folks if you made it through this time around and many congratulations. I have been re-assured several times now that our normal energy levels will resume shortly. Whoopee!

YESHUA Pouring Out HIS Spirit

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